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APES: Unit 4: Chapter 10

Old Growth Forest
Second Growth Forest
Tree Farm/Plantation
Clear Cutting
Strip Cutting
Selective Cutting
Surface Fires
Crown Fire
How does deforestation degrade natural capital
Decrease Soil Fertility through erosion, run-off eroded soil into aquatic areas, premature extinction, loss of habitat to native species and migratory species, Regional Climate change, Release of Co2, Acceleration of flooding
Forest Ecological Services
Chemical Cycling, Energy flow, Reduce Erosion, Purify Water and Air, Regulate climate, Store Carbon, Habitats
Forest Economic Services
Fuelwood, Lumber, Paper, Mining, Livestock grazing, Recreation, jobs
Years of Growth
Seedlings ...15 years remove weak trees, 30 years Clear Cut
Causes of Degradation of Tropical Forests
Not valuing services, timber and crop exports, government policies, poverty, population growth, roads, fires, logging,
Prescribed Fires
Debt for nature swaps
Countries who owe money can sell tropical forests to wealthy countries
Unfenced in grasslands
grass eating
shrub eating
managed grasslands
number of organisms grazing exceeds the carrying capacity
Reduction of primary productivity from under use
Riparian Zones
Lush vegetation along streams
Rotational Grazing
Conservation easements
Threats to National Parks
too small to sustain large species, non native species, ecological disruption
Buffer zone Concept
Protecting an inner core reserve
Habitat Corridors
Ecosystem 4 Point Plan
Map global ecosystems and create and inventory, Locate and protect most endangered ecosystems and species, restore as many ecosystems, make bio-friendly development a tax write-off
Biodiversity Hot Spots
Life Raft Ecosystems
Small ecosystems keeping the poor alive but are very stressed
4 ways to approach Eco-restoration
Restoration, Rehabilitation, Replacement, Creating Artifical ecosystems
Applied Ecology
Inventing habitats to conserve species diversity in places where people work and play.