20 terms

Civil Rights terms

White Citizen Council
Whites met to discuss issues in Montgomery.
E.D. Nixon
Started the MIA. Big leader in the bus boycott. He was also a big member in the NAACP.
Rosa Parks
Refused to give up her seat, catalyzed for bus boycott. Was arrested, but didn't give up. She stood up for what she believed in.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Minister of Dexter Ave. Baptist Church. Huge leader in bus boycott, and all of the Civil Rights movement; his words inspired millions. Only 24 when he began his campaign, shot and died at 39.
Montgomery Improvement Association. Lead by MLK and ED Nixon, this organization lead the bus boycott. Formed by black ministers in Montgomery.
Gandhi was a spiritual, peacekeeping leader. He vowed to always keep the peace and never create violence. He helped move along the boycott in a non violent manor.
Holt St. Baptist Church
Huge church that held numerous meetings, and speeches.
Southern Christian Leadership Conference. First president was MLK, made up of many ministers that had a chance to change things and come together.
President Eisenhower
Though didn't know what to do about the problems in the South, and didn't want to deal with the civil rights he had to because he was the president and it was his dooty. He had to deal with the problems b.c. he was the leader of out country.
Emmett Till
14 year old boy murdered, visiting his uncle in the south. at funeral mother let cascat open for all to see the horrible things done to her boy. she was trying to get the world to realize what horrible things were happening to blacks
Little Rock Nine
Nine black teenagers, first to integrate schools: Little Rock Arkansas.
Brown Vs. Board of Education
To de-segrate schools. Segregated anything is not okay, and "separate but equal" here still considered not okay.
Plessy Vs. Ferguson
Segregated railroad cars. "Separate but equal". Set the stage for the okay for everything else to be segregated too
Booker T. Washington
Ex slave, with the benefit of an education. Said- "Agitating for equality was the extremist folly."
"National Association of the Advancement of Colored People." To ensure the educational, political social and moral rights of all and to help eliminate hatrade and crime against blacks.
Marcus Garvey
Jamaican American- thought all blacks in the US should abandon effects of equality & return to Africa
Great Migration
Many blacks moving to Northern cities. People nicer/ more fair and well paid jobs available b.c. many whites were leaving for war
Jim Crow Laws
"Separate but equal." Jim Crow just a figure, stood for this saying.
Thurgood Marshall
Famous lawer who helped w/ Brown Vs. Board of Ed. case. First black supreme court justice
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Thousands of blacks protested for de segregated busses. Boycott lasted 381 days, and in the end victory towards blacks!