40 terms

HuckleBerry Finn

Samuel Clemens
Mark Twain's real name is what?
Two fathoms deep mean what?
Mark Twain
How many years did it take to write Huck Finn?
How many of Twain's children lived passed 30?
St. Petersburg
Where does the story begins?
Bad luck
Killing a spider causes what?
Why does Widow Douglas appear to be a hypocrite in the first chapter?
She uses snuff but doesn't let Huck smoke
Miss Watson believes in what?
An angry God
Huck believes in what?
Magic hairball
What is from an ox's stomach?
Where is Pap's Cabin?
What is Jim's selling price?
Who is Sarah Mary Williams?
Huck's fake name when he goes ashore
What happened on the riverboat?
Robbers plotting murder
Is King Soloman wise in Jim's opinion?
What is Huck and Jim's destination?
What is Huck's excuse for the bounty hunters?
too much fog
Why do Huck and Jim miss Cairo?
George Jackson
What is Huck's identity at the Grangerfords?
What happened to Stephen Dowlings Bots?
Fell down a well and died
Steamboat hit their raft
How do Huck and Jim become separated?
How did the feud start?
They don't know
What play do the Duck and King perform?
Romeo and Juliet
Why did Colonel Sherburn shoot Boggs?
He was drunk and insulted him
Who are Harvey and William Wilks?
Peter Wilks' brothers
What do the Duke and Dauphin do to Jim?
Sell him
What is Mary Jane's flaw?
You can easily read her face
Why does Huck write a letter to Miss Watson?
He is having trouble praying
How does Huck say he got to the Phelps Plantation?
His boat broke down
How does Tom think he and Huck should rescue Jim?
Follow the books and make it more adventurous
this was not one of tom's weird ideas
Have Jim ignore his food
Why didn't the townspeople hang Jim?
They would have to pay back his original owner
Person that defends Jim when he returned with Tom
The doctor
What does Huck plan on doing after the book?
Go west
Worst bad luck ever
touching a rattlesnake skin
The river and the raft
Uses sarcasm to make a point
The opposite of what you expect to happen
South Park
Modern day satire on TV
What was the purpose of the Boggs-Sherburn shooting
Satirize human life and human nature