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Whenever tissues are damaged, _____ receptors are likely to be stimulated.


Receptors that are sensitive to temperature changes are called ____.


A sensation may seem to fade away when receptors are continuously stimulated as a result of ___ adaption.


Tactile (Meissner's corpuscles are responsible for the sense of light ___.


Lamellated (Pacinian) corpuscles are responsible for the sense of deep ___.


______ receptors are most sensitive to temperatures between 77 degrees and 113 degrees fahrenheit.


_____ receptors are most sensitive to temperatures between 50 and 68 degrees fahrenheit.


Widelty distributed sensory receptors throughout the body are associated with ____ senses in contrast to special senses.

aqueous humor

fills anterior and posterior chambers of the anterior cavity of the eye


posterior five-sixths of middle (vascular) layer

ciliary muscles

cause lens to change shape


inner lining of the eyelid


transparent anterior portion of outer layer


smooth muscle that controls light entering the eye

lacrimal gland

secretes tears

optic disk

area where optic nerve exits the eye


contains visual receptor called rods and cones


white part of outer (fibrous) layer

suspensory ligament

connects lens to ciliary body

vitreous humor

fills posterior cavity of eye


The distal ends of the olfactory neurons are covered with hairlike ____.

watery fluids

Before gaseous substances can stimulate the olfactory receptors, they must be dissolved in _____ that surrounds the cilia.

cribiform plates

The axons of olfactory receptors pass through small openings in the ___ _____ of the ethmoid bone.

frontal lobes

The olfactory interpreting centers are located deep witin the temporsal lobes and at the base of the _____ _____.

sensory adaption

Olfacory sensations usually fade rapidly as a result of _____ _________.


A chemical would be considered _______ if a person lacks a particular receptor site on the cilia of the olfactory neurons.


Taste is interpreted in the _____ lobe of the cerebrum.

taste pore

The opening to a taste bud is called the _____.

taste hairs

The ___ ____ of a taste cell are its sensitive part.


Before the taste of a substance can be detected, the substance must be dissolved in ______.


Substances that stimulate taste cells bind with ____ sites on teh surfaces of taste hairs.


Sour receptors are mainly stimulated by _______.


Salt receptors are mainly stimulated by ionized inorganic ___.


Alkaloids usually have a ____ taste.

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