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the introduction of microorganism to culture media


sample of micro organisms


the eradication of all organisms in or on an object


ceramic flame-free sterilizers used to sterilize loops and needles


device that uses steam heat under pressure to sterilize chemicals and objects that can tolerate moist heat


gel like polysaccharide isolated from red algae and used as a thickening agent for culture media


act of growing microorganisms of the microorganisms that are cultivated

culture media

provides nutrients for culturing microorganisms

3 types of media used

broths, agar slants and agar deeps.


do not cause disease


microbes capable of causing disease

opportunistic pathogens

microbes that cause disease when the immune system is suppressed or when introduced into an unusual area of the body.


any area where a microbe resides that serve as a potential source of infection


microbes that benefit from living in/on our bodies without significantly affecting us. may become opportunistic pathogens.


microbes that benefit from living on/in our bodies and provide some benefit to us as well. May become opportunistic pathogens


solutions consisting of a colored molecule dissolved in a solvent, such as ethanol


a colored molecule

basic stain

positively charged stain that binds to negative electrical charges on the surface of bacteria

acidic stain

negatively charged stain that is repelled by bacteria and stains the slide

heat fixing

procedure that kills bacteria, adhere them ti the slide, and coagulates their proteins

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