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Quinidine (Quick)

SVW Classification
Class 1a Na channel blocker
Atrial Muscle
Ventricular Arrythmias
Paroxysmal recurrent atrial fib
Prolong AP

Lignocaine (Lids)

SVW Classification
Class 1b Na blocker
Decrease AP
During and after MI

PropaFenone (Flecking)

SVW classification
Class 1c Na blocker
No change in AP supress automaticity
WPW, recurrent tachyarrythmias

Atenolol (At)

SVW classification
Class 2 B blocker
SA Node+AV Node
Suppress automaticity (decreased sympathetic drive)
SVT tach

Amiodarone (Amiable)

SVW classification
Class 3 K+ blocker
Prolong refactory period
WPW, VTach, AFib

Verapamil (Varied)

SVW classification
Class 4 Ca2+ channel blocker
Block AV node
SVT Tach
Paroxysmal SVT Tach


Vasal stimulant
INcrease Calcium levels via Na+/Ca channel

Bendroflumethazide, hydrochlorothazide

Antihypertensive- Diuretic
Inhibit Na+/Cl- pump in DCT
Increases K+ outside
defect: electrolyte disturbance


Antihypertesive: AG2
Excesss AG2= thirst and Na retention
Defect: Hyperkalemia, diarrhea


Ganglion blocker
Compete with NA for uptake 1
Inhibit sympathetic effect


A1 receptor inhibitor
alpha 1- vasoconstrictor via PLC
Defect: headaches

Penacidil minoxidil

K+ channel activator
Increase Ca influx
Defect: water retention, hirtuism

Verapamil, nifedipine, amlodopine

Ca+ channel blocker
Vasodilation: reduce peripheral resistance and filling pressure
Defect: oedema, diziness

Captopril, enalapril

ACE inhibitor
Treat HF
Involves RAAS
Defect: First dose hypotension, taste difference

a-methyl dopa

Pro drug
Competes with NA and displaces it
Converted to methyl NA
Inhibits renin production
Only when other methods fail


Treat atherosclerosis
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
LDL decrease
HDL, VLDL receptor increase
Side Effect: myalgias, rhabdomylagias, malabsorption of lipid soluble vit

Cholestipol- Bile Acid binding Agent

Treat athersclerosis
Increase bile acid binding in gut
Side Effects: Decreased absorbtion of lipid soluble vitamins, increase VLDL


Treat artherosclerosis
Increased VLDL decrease LDL
Increased Beta oxidation in liver
Side effects: rhabdomyalgias, myopathy, gallstones

B blocker

Treat angina
Carvedilol- alpha
Propranolol- beta
atenolol- mixed
Side Effects: Hallucinations, skin reactions, constipation


Treat angina+HF
EDRF produce NO- guanylate cyclase
Sublingual or injection
Side Effects: flushing, palpitations, headache


Inhibit ADP platelet activation
Blocking cross linking with fibrin
Inhibit clot formation

Side effect: severe neutropenia


Acetylsalicilic acid to salysilic acid
Inhibit TXA2 production via COX
Side Effect: Gastric ulcers and bleeding


Inhibit late Na channels
Prolong QT interval
Side Effect: worsen electrical dysfunction


Positive Inotropic drug
Treat HF
Cardiac glycoside
Na+/ K+ ATPase inhibitor
Calcium influx via Na+/ Cl- pump


Treat HF
Act on B receptors

Loop Diuretics
K+ Sparing (spironolactone)

Increase plasma oncotic pressure


cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Inhibit cGMP to GMP

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