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end of chapters questions

Why are elderly people at higher risk for food borne illnesses?

Their immune systems have weakened with age

The three categories of food safety hazards are...

biological, physical, chemical

For a foodborne illness to be considered and "outbreak", a minimum of how many people must experience the same illness after eating the same food?


The five most common risk factors that cause foodborne illnesses are...

1. failing to cook food adequately
2. holding food at incorrect temps
3. using contaminated equipment
4. practicing personal hygiene
5. Purchasing food from unsafe sources

Foodborne pathogens grow well at temperatures between...

41 and 135


food, acidity, time, temp, oxygen, moisture

Which pathogen is primarily found in the hair, nose, and throat of humans?

Staphylococcus aureus

While commonly linked with contaminated ground beef, what pathogen has also been linked with contaminated produce?

Shiga toxin- producing e-coli

Which practice can reduce salmonella spp in poultry to safe levels?

Cooking food to the right temp

Covering wounds can help prevent the spread of with pathogen?

Staphylococcus aureus

Which food borne illness has been linked with ready to eat food and shellfish contaminated by sewage?

Hepatitis A

Viruses such as norovirus and hepatitis A can be spread when food handlers fail to...

wash their hands

What is the best way to prevent a foodborne illness caused by seafood toxins?

Purchasing food from reputable suppliers

A person who ate raw oysters later became disoriented and suffered memory loss. What illness was most likely the cause?

Amnesic shellfish poisoning

Food service operations should not use mushrooms unless they have been...

Purchased from an approved reputable supplier

Eggs and peanuts are dangerous for people with...

Food allergies

Cooking tomato sauce in a copper pot can cause which foodborne illness?

Toxic metal poisoning

To prevent chemical contamination chemicals should be stored...

Separate from food and utensils

Itching and tightening of the throat are symptoms of...

food allergies

To prevent food allergens from being transferred to food...

clean and sanitize utensils before use

What three points should a food defense program focus onto prevent possible threats to food?

Human elements, building interior, personal hygiene

What must food handlers do after touching their hair, face, or body?

Wash their hands

What should food handlers do after prepping food and before using the restroom?

take off their aprons

Which piece of jewelry can be worn by a food handler?

Plain band ring

When should hand antiseptics be used?

After washing hands

When should food handlers who wear gloves wash their hands?

before putting on gloves

Food handlers should keep their finger nails..

short and unpolished

A cook wore single use gloves while forming raw ground beef into patties. The cook continued to wear them while slicing hamburger buns. What was his mistake?

The cook did not wash his hands and put on new gloves before slicing the buns

When a food handler has been diagnosed with shigellosis, what steps must be taken?

The food handler must be told to not come into work

Food handlers cannot work in their operation if they have an illness caused by which pathogen?

Salmonella typhi

Food handlers who work in a nursing home cannot work if they have which symptoms?

Sore throat with fever

Food handlers should not eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum or tobacco while..

prepping food

What should food handlers do if they cut their fingers while preparing food?

Cover the wound with a bandage and a glove or finger cot

What should a manager do at a nursing home if a cook calls with headache, nausea, and diarrhea?

Tell them to stay away from work and see a doctor

A food handler has finished trimming raw chicken on a cutting board and needs it to prep vegetables. What must be done to the cutting board?

Washed, rinsed, sanitized

Which of these practices can help prevent cross contamination?

Using a designated cutting board when preparing meat

Infrared thermometers should be used to...

take the surface temperature of a grill

At what temperatures do food borne pathogens grow most quickly?

between 70 and 125

What thermocouple probe should be used to check the temperature of a stockpot of soup?

Immersion probe

When a thermometer is calibrated using the ice point method, it should be adjusted to ___ after the stem or probe has been placed in the ice water.

32 degrees F

What type of thermometer is not appropriate for use in a restaurant or food service operation?

glass thermometer

What is the most important factor in choosing an approved food supplier?

It has been inspected and complies with local, state, and federal laws

Raw, shucked shellfish that is received in a container bigger than one half gallon must have the packers name, address, a certification number, and a...

Shucked date

What is the max acceptable receiving temp of fresh beef?


What is the warmest acceptable receiving temperature for eggs?


Large ice crystals in a case of frozen food are evidence that the product may have been...

thawed and refrozen

How should cartons of coleslaw be checked for correct receiving temperatures?

Open carton and stick thermometer stem into the food

A box of sirloin steaks carries a state department of agriculture inspection stamp. What does this stamp indicate?

The meat and processing plant have met USDA or a state department of agricultures standards

Which food should be rejected?

live shellfish received with out shellstock tags

Which food requires a USDA inspection stamp?

egg products

What is TCS food?

Food that contains moisture and protein and has a neutral or slightly acidic pH. Such food requires time temp control to prevent the growth of microorganisms and the production of toxins.

What is the warmest temperature at which ground beef can be safely stored?


Dry storage rooms should be kept at what temp?


A restaurant that has prepared tuna salad can store it at 41 or lower for a max of how many days?


Why should lining cooler shelves with aluminum foil be avoided?

It can restrict the flow of cold air

Beef stew must be cooled from __to __within __hours and from __to __or lower within the next __

135, 70, 2, 70, 41, 4

What is the minimum internal cook temp or stuffed pork chops?


What are the time and temp requirements for reheating tcs food for hot holding?

165 for 15 seconds within 2 hours

What is the danger of not cleaning and sanitizing a prep table between uses?

Cross contamination

What is correct way to cool a pot of clam chowder?

put pot in ice water

The temp of roast is checked to see if it has met its critical limit of 145 for four minutes. This is an example of which haccp principle?


The temp of pot of stew is checked during holding. It has not met the critical limit and is thrown out according to policy, This is an example of which haccp principle?

corrective action

The five most common risk factors for foodborne illnesses are...

purchasing food from unsafe sources, failing to cook food adequately, holding food at incorrect temps, practicing poor personal hygiene, and using contaminated equipment

What is the first step in developing a haccp plan?

conduct hazard analysis

A food safety mgmt system is a group of ____ preventing foodborne illness

procedures and practices

What is the purpose of a food safety mgmt system?

to identify and control possible hazards

What is the third step in active managerial control?

monitor the policies and procedures

What must be done to ensure that a sanitizer solution spray for food contact surfaces, is made correctly?

Test the solution with sanitizer test kit

Flatware and utensils that have been cleaned and sanitized should be stored..

with the handles facing up

People on chemotherapy have a higher risk of contracting a foodborne illness


Pre school age are more likely to become ill from contaminated food than adults


A foodborne illness outbreak can raise an establishments insurance program


A foodborne illness can occur if food is not cooled properly


Bacillus cereus

spore forming bacteria found in soil. The bacteria can produce two different toxins when allowed to grow to high levels. The toxins cause different illnesses (diarrhea and vomiting)


People can get sick when the eat raw or undercooked fish containing this parasite (herring, cod, halibut, mackerel, pacific salmon)

Ciguatera fish poisoning

Found in marine algae. Cannot be detected by smell or taste. Cooking and freezing will not eliminate it. (barracuda, grouper, jacks, snapper)
symptoms- reversal of hot and cold, nausea, vomitting, tingling, muscle and joint pain

Copper utensils can cause illness when used to prepare acidic food


IF you transfer a chemical to a new container, you must label it with the name


Delivery ppl and service contractors are possible food defense risks


Milk is a common food allergen


A person with a shellfish allergy who unknowingly eats soup made with clam juice may experience a tightening in the throat


Handwashing takes 20 seconds


gloves should be changed before beginning a different task


Food handlers must wash their hands after smoking


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