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  1. primary production
  2. Energy pyramid
  3. What percentage of energy does an herbivore convert into its own body mass?
  4. Levels of organization
  5. ecosystem inhabitants
  1. a 10%
  2. b All major kingdoms of life represented: plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria.
  3. c rate of photosynthetic production of organic molecules
  4. d graphic devices used to illustrate the flow of energy through ecosystems
  5. e cells --> tissues --> organs --> organ systems --> organism --> population --> community

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  1. chemical reaction causes sedimentation
  2. breakdown of organic molecules that releases CO2 into the air or water.
  3. recycles organic matter
  4. most important factor controlling kinds and numbers of organisms.
  5. the living (organism) aspects of a habitat.

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  1. What percentage of energy is designated for feces (waste)?50%


  2. abiotic factorthe living (organism) aspects of a habitat.


  3. Combustionburning organic matter either by natural events or human activity.


  4. waterthe most influential material that determines ecosystem inhabitants

    (most influential part of matter)


  5. Photosynthesisthe community of organisms and the abiotic factors in its habitat