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  1. Decomposition
  2. ecosystem inhabitants
  3. consumers
  4. omnivores
  5. transpiration
  1. a must consume plants and other organisms to obtain energy. HETEROTROPHIC
  2. b evaporation of water from the leaves of plants.
  3. c recycles organic matter
  4. d eats both plants and animals
  5. e All major kingdoms of life represented: plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria.

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  1. breakdown of organic molecules that releases CO2 into the air or water.
  2. the living (organism) aspects of a habitat.
  3. PRIMARY CONSUMERS occupied by herbivores
  4. the community of organisms and the abiotic factors in its habitat
  5. producers use CO2 from air or water to build organic molecules that serve as food for consumers.

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  1. abiotic factorthe living (organism) aspects of a habitat.


  2. What percentage of energy does an herbivore convert into its own body mass?10%


  3. What percentage of energy is designated for feces (waste)?50%


  4. Carboncycled between abiotic and biotic


  5. What is ALWAYS lost during energy transferHeat


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