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  1. What must happen to matter?
  2. What percentage of energy is designated for feces (waste)?
  3. abiotic factor
  4. water
  5. What percentage of energy does an herbivore convert into its own body mass?
  1. a It must be recycled between organisms and the environment

    Closed pathways by which matter is cycled through ecosystems
  2. b the most influential material that determines ecosystem inhabitants

    (most influential part of matter)
  3. c 10%
  4. d the physical, non-living aspects of a habitat, such as soil, water, climate, etc.
  5. e 50%

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  1. the study of the interactions of living things with one another and their environment.
  2. where a population lives.
  3. captures light energy and makes energy-storing molecules (plants, algae, and some bacteria) AUTOTROPHIC
  4. carnivore converts 10% of the food it consumes
  5. all the members of a single species living in a habitat.

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  1. ecosystem inhabitantsAll major kingdoms of life represented: plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria.


  2. detritivoreanimals that eat plants


  3. energymost important factor controlling kinds and numbers of organisms.


  4. Food weball of the feeding relationships in an ecosystem.


  5. herbivoreseats both plants and animals


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