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  1. water
  2. What is the source of herbivores energy?
  3. Decomposer
  4. Water in living organisms
  5. ecosystem inhabitants
  1. a The food they eat
  2. b All major kingdoms of life represented: plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria.
  4. d bacteria and fungi that cause decay also returns nutrients to the environment
  5. e the most influential material that determines ecosystem inhabitants

    (most influential part of matter)

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  1. the living (organism) aspects of a habitat.
  2. variety of organisms, their genetic difference and the ecosystems in which they occur.
  3. Heat
  4. producers use CO2 from air or water to build organic molecules that serve as food for consumers.
  5. graphic devices used to illustrate the flow of energy through ecosystems

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  1. third trophic levelSECONDARY CONSUMERS animals that eat other animals


  2. omnivoresanimals that eat plants


  3. Combustionall the members of a single species living in a habitat.


  4. Levels of organizationrecycles organic matter


  5. energymost important factor controlling kinds and numbers of organisms.