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the quality of a leader which captures great popular devotion; personal magnetism; charm



Modern; up-to-date



To state to be so; claim; affirm



in an opposite manner; in an altogether different way.

(Converses are all diff nowadays, yet they all sorta fit in the same category/manner.)


an outgoing, sociable person

[Extrovert.. expert (sorta rhyme); an expert is usually outgoing and sociable..]


emotionally moving; touching.

[Poignant makes me think of pigs. (the word itself.) so, pigs are highly unemotional and don't move. Also, don't have a reaction to a touch... (not that i would know..)]


widespread; common

(prevalent.. sorta sounds like RELEVANT.. relevant=same..ish. )

Proponent/ noun

someone who supports a cause.

( makes me think of people who like to help/support.)


a search; pursuit
(when you have a QUESTion; you FIND it..)


causing painful emotions, with possible long-lasting psychological effects



agreeable or pleasant in character; friendly.

(conGENIal; a "geni" will always appear to be very ..congenial:) )


Disrespectful and not serious enough

(Those mean girls that FLIP their hair.. and walk with their PANTs. )

[Bibliography: Mrs.Balint]


a situation with no way out; dead end.

( 'IM' means the direct opposite, so imPASSe, is like you canNOT PASS in this sorta situation...)


insight or understanding gained through observation

(PERfect people always know others' perceptions.)


to urge into action

(the writing prompt.? it urges you into writing an essay regarding a specific topic.)


having a tendency ; inclined.

(you're a PRO at inclining to things..)


relationship, especially one that that is close, trusting, or sympathetic.

( in RAP songs they always show weird relationships toward one another bc they're always yelling...)


the underlying reasons for something; logical basis

(logical- ration? )


persistent; continuous

(Relentless makes the though of paying rent, and how it's continuing, like rather than owning your own property? )


the paying back of one injury or bad deed with another

(reprisal... sounds like referral, which reminds me of a student whom has committed an irresponsible action that will win him a referral to the principal's office)

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