International Economics and Politics

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3 Steps to Powerful Argument1.) Provide powerful logic 2.) Support with evidence 3.) Undermine alternative viewpointsMercantilism-zero sum game -specie (gold and silver) -benefit your stateClassical Liberal Economics (laissez-faire)-positive sum game -goods and services -benefit self interestTree of Governmentconservative: keep tree the same liberal: fertilize/change it radical: burn it/chop it downComparative AdvantageIn comparison to others you have advantage in this area. (what you should focus on) wine and textiles, Ricardo advocated creating international systems based on this- free trade -borders seen as a problem -primary trade barrier: tariffsKool Aid Drinkertrue believers, never changes their mind and is not open to new ideas, cult like devotion to political ideology (ideologue)Kill the MessengerWhen you cant win on merit so you attack the opponent (people not the message)Strawmanfalsely portray the opposition so that they can be easily defeatedThomas Hill Greenfree-market had faults, competition was imperfect and manufacturers could rig a market. As such, he felt government needed to step in thereby creating Modern Liberalism -system works against equality -market not built to provide -bring govt back into market to provide for peopleAdam SmithWealth of Nations -people should put self interest over country interest -goods and services should equal wealth -positive sum gameKarl PolanyiThe Great Transformation -social ramifications of economic shift from mercantilism -markets as engine for growth, but socially destructive -TREAT PEOPLE AS CAPITAL -externalities: unintended consequences of production (pollution, outsourcing)Rentier economyeconomy based on the sale of one primary goodResource cursecountries with an abundance of a product tend to be corrupt, dont have to tax people for funding = no negotiation, no rights or promises in returnTraditional Conservatives-balanced budgets -avoid foreign entanglement (isolationist)Neo Conservatives-deficits don't matter, cut taxes, increase military spending -aggressively use military to protect US National Interests (economics, promoting democracy abroad) -starve the beast1648Treaty of Westphalia: established the notion of sovereignty, (power of countries to maintain borders)Socratic Methodquestioning as a means of seeking truth3 faces of PowerIndividual: get people to do what they wouldn't otherwise do Elite: ability to keep items off of the agenda Societal: when values become so ingrained they are no longer quesitonedPhases of History-Rome Falls: Europe declined, carried on socratic method, order decays and economies localize -Dark Ages: people taught to strictly follow church teachings, monks preserve Greek text, not a period of advances -Renaissance: rebirth from period of stiffling, communication and transportation, perfectibility of human beings -Gutenberg's Printing Press: made knowledge accessible -Protestant Reformation: can know my own religion -Enlightenment: looking for themselves -Scientific Revolution -Industrial Revolution: take new ideas and thinking to make new products -Imperialism: Europe occupied nearly every country, first generation of Industrial giants were monopolists