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Femur, Tibia, Fibula, not including ankle and foot bones

Femur bone

The longest bone in the body. Located between the os coxae (acetabulum and knee joints)

Femur Head

Articulates with the pelvis at the acetabulum

Femur neck

Just below head of the femur, weakest part of the femur

Femur greater trochanter

The proximalward knob on the lateral side of the femur. Serves as the attachment for the tendons of the gluteus and leg muscles

Femur lesser trochanter

Projection eminence from below the neck of the femur on the medial side. Allows for insertion of the psoas major and iliacus muscles.

Femur lateral epicondyle

Smaller and less prominent, gives attachment to the fibular collateral ligament of the knee-joint. Located on the distal end of the femur. Rough surface, lateral and superior to the lateral condyle

Femur medial epicondyle

Larger and more prominent, gives attachment to the tibular collateral ligament of the knee-joint. Located on the distal end of the femur. Rough surface, medial and superior to the lateral condyle

Femur lateral condyle

The larger and more prominent condyle of the Femur.

Femur medial condyle

The longer and farther reaching condyle of the Femur.

Tibia bone

*larger, medial, weight-bearing bone of leg
*lateral & medial condyles at proximal end articulate w/ femur
*articulates distally w/ talus & fibula
*tibial tuberosity- attachment site for the patellar ligament
*medial malleolus- medial surface of distal end (medial surface of ankle joint)

Tibia lateral condyle

The proximal and outermost condyle of the Tibia. Smaller than its coutnerpart. It serves as the insertion for the Biceps femoris muscle.

Tibia medial condyle

The proximal and innermost condyle of the Tibia. It is the site of insertion for the Semimembranosus muscle.

Tibia medial malleolus

The most distally prominent knob on the medial side of the leg.

Fibula bone

The lateral and smaller bone of the lower leg. Contains the lateral malleolus.

Fibula lateral malleolus

Distally knob which forms the outer part of ankle.

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