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Substance abuse - NP2 - Test 4 - Part 2

- Opioid (antidote)
- Methadone (used during detox)
- Texan (Oral antagonist , used daily)
Nalline (nalorphine) is the antidote for what drug?
Phencyclidine ( PCP or angel dust)
Sally is found wandering on the street by local police. At first she became very violent and agitated. The police noticed here eyes were constantly going back and forth and would not stay focused on any object. When they questioned her further she started convulsing. Which drug might she have used?
- extremely dialated pupils
- warm skin, excessive perspiration and body odor
- distorted sense of sight, hearing, touch; distorted image of self and time perception
- mood and behavior changes, depending on emotional state of the user and environment
- confused
- Euphoric
- Anxious
- ↑ HR & ↑BP
You are at a party with your best friend. He or She turns to you and says someone just slipped some lsd (hallucinogin) on her food. What signs might be visible with your friend. (name 4 out of 8)
False - withdrawal does not produce physical or psychological dependance
(T or F) Withdrawal from a hallucinogen can cause tremors, hot flashes, and extreme sweats.
- extreme anxiety and fear
- related to toxic blood levels
What is "Bad trips" related to ?
- Marijuana
- Hashish
Name 3 different types of Cannabis?
- Glaucoma
- Nausea for Chemotherapy
What 2 beneficial things can cannabis be used for?
- Restlessness
- Irritability
- Loss of appetite
- Insomnia
- Anxiety
Name 3 out of 5 withdrawal signs of Cannabis.
Gasoline, Acetone, Markers, Lighter fluid, Airplane fluid, and Cleaning fluid are all types of what?
- Fatigue
- Paranoia
- Panic reactions
- possible psychosis
- tolerance with chronic use
Name 3 out of 5 overdose signs of Cannabis.
Liver, kidney, brain damage, and respitory depression are all complications of what?
Laxative produce a ____________ dependance for bowel function
cold preps
__________ ___________ are used for alcohol, antihistamines, and dextromethorphan. (hint - type of remedy)
Sedatives - Hypnotics
Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines are what type of drug?
- Odor on breath
- difficulty focusing: glazed appearance in eyes
- Uncharacteristically passive behavior; or combative and argumentative behavior
- Euphoria, sedation
- Loss of inhibitions
- Slurred speech
- Flushing
- memory disturbance
- lack of coordination
Name 5 out of 9, clues of what a Alcohol user might look, appear like.
Sedatives- Hypnotics
Jimmy just went into a seizure. His pupils are extremely dialated into pinpoints. He has a rapid weak pulse and slow shallow breathing. You listen to his heart and notice a arrhythmia. What drug overdose are these signs of?
- Psychomotor
- Cellular
Stimulants affect the body both on the _______________ level and the _______________ level.
- ↑ BP, ↑ HR, ↑ CO , ↑ coronary blood flow
- cutaneous vasoconstriction
- ↑ myocardial O2 consumption
- ↑ CNS stimulation
- ↑ GI motility & secretion
Name 3 out of 5, physiologic effects of Nicotine
- Headache
- Drowsiness
- Irritability
- Fatigue
Name 3 out of 4 withdrawl signs of Caffeine.
Steve appears very talkative and continues changing the subject. His pupils are dialated and he has not eaten food in 12 hours and shows no signs of hunger. His attitude changes from being arguementative to nervous. He is constantly licking his lips. What drug is he using?
Mesculine , AKA - Peyote is what type of drug?
_______________ effects the following?
- weak CNS stimulant & diuretic
- relaxes smooth muscles
- promotes vasodilatation
- constricts cerebral arteries
- increases gastric secretions
- enhances skeletal muscle contraction
weeks to several months
Nicotine withdrawal lasts _________ to ___________ months
- ↑ HR, ↑ BP, ↑ T, ↑ , RR
- Arrhythmias
- Marked vasoconstriction
- Impaired concentration and memory
- Mood swings
- Paranoia, depression
- Stimulant psychosis
When examing a cocaine user what things might you as a nurse observe. ( 4 out of 7 , include chronic use)
The characters Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street were named after Bert the cop and Ernie the taxi driver in Frank Capra's "Its A Wonderful Life."
Where did the name Bert and Ernie originate from in Sesame street?
- Hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident
- Ischemic cerebrovascular accident
- Transient Ischemic attack
- Seizures
- Headaches
- Subachnoid Hemorrhage
What are some cerebrovascular complications of cocaine use? Name 3 out of 6.
What has a increased purity over cocaine, Cheaper to use? It also is more available and easier to use.
Cocaine - causes stimulant psychosis
If someone starts becoming violent and paranoid screaming that there is bugs crawling under their skin, what drug might you suspect is being overdosed?
Valium or Ativan
What drug might you use to combat seizures due to stimulant emergency? Name 2.
What drug might you use to combat CNS depression due to stimulant emergency?
inderal or labetolol
What drug might you use to combat hypertension,Tachcardia due to stimulant emergency? Name 2.
- Lidocaine
- Amiodarone
- Pronestyl
What drug might you use to combat ventricular arrhythmias due to stimulant emergency? Name 2 of 3.
Visual hallucinations experienced by cocaine OD
What are "snow lights" and who might experience them?
9 hours to 14 days
How long might psychological dependency last with cocaine withdrawal?
What is another name for Meth-amphetamine?
Romazicom (flumazenil)
What bezodiazapine antagonist is used to treat sedative - hypnotic overdose.
- Alcohol detoxification
- tapering of the drug
- supportive measures (cardiac & resp. functions)
- hydration
- good nutritional support
- Medication to: decrease symptoms, increase comfort, and decrease risk of seizures
Name 3 out of 6 ways to treat withdrawal symptoms of depressants.
Sedative - hypnotic
Jim is found with poor motor control falling into the bushes by police. He lacks any kind of expression and has slurred speech. At first you expect alcohol intoxication but notice there is no odor on his breath. What type of drug do you expect?
Chewing gum while peeling onions will reduce your tears
While peeling onions have you ever realized that.......
Chocolate contains an ingredient called "Theobromine" which can be toxic to dogs' central nervous system and cardiac muscles
Why exactly don't you let your dogs eat chocolate?