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Five Themes of Geography


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Line of latitude that measures 0 degrees
Line of longitude that measure 0 degrees
Prime Meridian
Line of latitude that is north of the Equator and runs through Africa and Asia
Tropic of Cancer
Line of latitude that is south of the Equator that runs through South America
Tropic of Capricorn
Tells direction on a map
compass rose
describes the purpose of the map
measures distance on a map from one point to another
describes the key characteristics on a map
legend or key
lines on a map that run north to south but measures east to west
lines of longitude
lines on a map that run east to west but measure north to south
lines of latitude
One of the themes of geography that tells where something is located. It could be absolute or relative
One of the themes of geography that tells what it is like when you get there. It could tell about the human or physical characteristics.
One of the themes of geography that tells how people interact with their environment such as depending, adapting or modifying
Human Environmental Interaction
One of the themes of geography that tells how people, goods and ideas get from place to place
One of the themes of geography that describes an area by its common characteristics.
The study of Earth and its people
One of the seven large landmasses into which the Earth is divided
A naturally formed feature on the Earth's surface, such as a mountain, plateau, or plain
What geographers use to describe Earth: location, place, human environment inteaction, movement and region
The Five Themes of Geography
A scientist who studies the Earth and its people
A way of showing the curved surface of Earth on a flat map
One half of th globe that can be either northern, southern, eastern or western
Map that shows the features people have created such as countries
political map
Map that shows the landforms and bodies of water found in a particular area
physical map
A way of life of a group of people, including beliefs and common language