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Urban Growth


How do urban areas grow

Immigration, natural births

Why do people move to cities

Pulled: looking for jobs, food, housing, education, better health care, entertainment, freedom from conflicts,
Pushed to: poverty, lack of land, few ag jobs, famine, and war

Where are people moving

South and West

4 Trends in Urbanization

1- populations of urban areas area increasing, 2- more and bigger urban areas, 3- Slower growth in developed countries, 4- more poverty

How is Urban Sprawl Hurting Our Natural Capital

Loss or crop-lands, Fragmented wildlife, Increase of run off and pollution, increase air pollution and global warming, increase in unemployment


Mega city between Boston and Washington

Advantages to urbanization


Disadvantages to urbanization



several people living in a single room

Squatter settlements




Compact Cities


Diverse cities


Alternate modes of Transport

Bikes, Rail, Bus, rapid Rail,

Land Use Planning




Smart Growth


Cluster development


Old villageism/New urbanism




Urban Farming


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