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Presentation Program

Graphics application program used for creating presentations, speeches, slides, etc. Use enhanced multimedia capabilities to deliver presentations with more impact.


refers to the way things are arranged on a slide. A layout contains placeholders, which in turn hold text such as titles and bulleted lists and slide content such as tables, charts, pictures, shapes, and clip art.


display effects that move from one slide to the next


used to add a special visual or sound effect to text or an object


used in presentations to create a more interesting eye-pleasing look. Backgrounds may include gradients, patterns, pictures, solid colors, or textures. Gradients, patterns, pictures, and textures could be tiled, or repeated, to fill the page.


pre-designed to be applied to a presentation to give it a fully designed, professional look


the units of a presentation on which you can insert text, clip art, tables, and charts

Fill effects

fill in the background of AutoShape, text box, or WordArt you want to change. Like Backgrounds, these can include gradients, patterns, pictures, solid colors, or textures

Text Box

container that you can fill with text and graphics


A software help agent that walks the user through a complex process.


the person or persons to whom the writing/presentation of material is addressed or geared toward


a single media file including art, sound, animation, and movies

Document Theme

provides consistency indesign and color throughout the entire presentation, by setting the color scheme font font size and layout

Title Slide

the first slide of your presentation should include title, presenter name, and other needed information

sizing handles

a square, circle, or set of three dots that appears on a selection rectangle around an object and that you can drag to resize the object

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