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Cosmetology State Board Prep (Hair Cutting)

Hair Cutting

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What is the proper way to hold the razor?
Against the strand
If you do not want a layered cut, how should you cut the hair?
The opening and closing of the scissors moving toward the scalp is?
Slithering, Effilating
When razor thinning, what is the most important thing to remember?
Keep hair damp
What is it called when the hair is cut close to the nape and gradually longer towards the crown?
How do you correct split ends?
Trichoptolosis is treated by cutting it off
What do the notches on the thinning shears determine?
The amount of hair being removed
When hair is thinned at the ends, It is called?
Why do you section for a haircut?
To give a uniform haircut
Describe palming your scissors?
Holding them in the palm of your hand after removing your thumb
What is a haircut?
The process of thinning, tapering, and shortening the hair with the use of a razor. thinning shears, scissors, etc. as a foundation for a becoming style
How far from the scalp can hair be thinned?
1/2 - 2 inches depending on texture
What happens if the hair is thinned too close to the scalp?
Short stubby ends will protrude through the top layer
What is it meant by tapering?
The process of shortening the hair in a graduated effect
When giving a blunt cut, what degree do you hold the hair?
Zero Elevation
When holding the hair perpendicular to the head what type of cut are you performing?
Uniformly Layered
What hair is the shortest in a no elevation cut?
Why should you not use a razor on dry hair?
It will pull the hair
What implements do you use when giving a fade?
Clippers and shears
What determines the amount of hair being removed when thinning?
The space between the teeth
What are you doing when you are cutting the interior hair?
When thinning hair with a razor, how should the razor be held?
When cutting the interior of the hair, what is it called?
What factor doesn't matter when trimming the beard?
Where is it best to thin hair?
Where do you stand when cutting bangs?
In front of the client
What type of hair can be thinned closest to the scalp?
What is a 0 elevation cut?
What type of guide do you use in a blunt cut?
What tool will thin hair in a uniform manner?
Notched Shears
What is the section of the hair that determines the length of the hair that is to be cut?
When using thinning shears
The hair should be wet or dry
Where is the thumb placed when cutting hair?
In the ring of the movable blade
How far from the scalp should you thin coarse hair?
1 1/2 - 2 inches from the scalp
To shingle hair, how is the comb held?
Parallel with the shears
Name the types of thinning shears
Single and double notched
After cutting hair with a razor, how often do you change the blade?
After every use
What is the "cutting" stroke in shaving?
Cutting with the grain
What is a high elevation cut?
How do you thin long hair with shears?
Effilating/ slithering
What cut/style is best suited for a short neck?
Smooth head-hugging nape line
How does an undercut look?
Bevels under
Which gives a softer look?
Where do you taper?
What section of the hair do you cut first?
When a guide does not move, what is it called?