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Cosmetology State Board Prep (Skin)


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What are the four benefits of a facial?
Cleanse skin, increase circulation, activates glandular activity, relaxes nerves, maintains muscle tone, helps to prevent wrinkles, improves skin texture and complexion and it gives a youthful feeling
How do you remove creams from a jar?
Use a clean spatula
What is the most important purpose for a head drape?
To keep the hair off the clients face during a facial
What light is used during facials after applying eye pads?
Red dermal light
What parts of the body do NOT contain oil glands?
The soles of the feet and the palms of the hand
How does the body temp cool down?
By evaporation of sweat
Which layer of the skin has nerves, blood vessels, and sweat glands?
The dermis
What is tabbing?
Application of individual lashes
What is the outer layer of the skin?
What are Pustules?
Pimples containing pus
Petrissage is used for?
A Medical doctor who treats skin?
A Dermatologist
What is a blister with clear fluid in it called?
A vesicle
What is an objective symptom?
A symptom that can be seen (pimples)
Name primary skin lesions:
Macule, Papule, Wheal, Tubercle, Tumor, Vesicle, Bulla, pustule, cyst
Describe a Macule
A small, discolored spot or patch
Describe a Papule
A small, elevated pimple containing no fluid but which might develop pus
Describe a Wheal
An itchy, swollen lesion it lasts a few hours
Describe a Tubercle
A solid lump larger than a papule
Describe a Tumor
An abnormal cell mass, nodules also referred to as tumors,
Describe a Vesicle
A blister with clear fluid in it
Describe a Bulla
A blister containing watery fluid, similar to a vesicle
Describe Urticaria
Hives or Nettlerash
Face powder contains
In what layer of the skin are the sebaceous gland found?
The dermis
Where should foundation makeup be tested?
What is a facial?
A treatment given to maintain the good appearance and health to the face
What is the first cream used in a facial?
Cleansing cream
In seborrhea the appearance of the skin is?
Oily and shiny
The term "shadow wave" indicates a hair setting with?
Low ridges
An electronic facial treatment is called?
What are three facial movements in a facial message?
Petrissage, Tapotement, Effleurage
Where is the subcutaneous tissue located?
Below the dermis
What is a furuncle?
A small skin access or boil which is affected by oil gland
Is pediculosis contagious?
An example of a lesion is
An open sore
What is the tapping movement with finger tips in a facial?
What type of movement is tapotement?
What skin disorder changes the pigment of the skin?
When giving a facial to a person with acne, what do you do?
Wear gloves
What is a lesion?
Injury or damage to the tissue or skin
What form of massage involves slapping?
What is the most common use of an antiseptic?
On skin
What does a headband or towel do during a facial?
Protects the client
How is cleansing cream applied to remove makeup?
Upward in a circular motion
What disease does a blood-born pathogen cause?
How do you treat a client with herpes simplex?
You do not treat at all
When you put dark on the nose and light on the cheeks, what are you doing?
Minimizing a large protruding nose
What is the purpose of a massage?
Strengthen and soothe
What is kneading?
What is petrissage?
If you remove a mole or freckle, you're left with something on the skin, what is it?
What causes very dry skin?
Lack of sebum/under active sebaceous glands
What is the name of the hair on the cheeks?
Vellus, Lanugo
How do you massage around the mouth?
Circular motion
When massaging, what do you do to the muscle?
What do you do if a customer comes in with pediculosis?
Do not treat and refuse service
If there are cuts on the skin or scalp, what do you do?
Refuse service
What direction should the muscle be massaged?
Insertion to origin