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Western Music: Early American


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What was the first book published in the American colonies?
Bay Psalm Book
What is the other name for Shape-Note singing?
Fasola singing
What kind of music group did we copy from the British during the Revolutionary War?
Drum and & Fife Band
The Star Spangled Banner was written during what war?
The War of 1812
Parlor Music is often _____ and overly-romantic
Work Songs originated in slave fields and often hid subtle _____.
messages of rebellion
In New Orleans slaves were allowed to get together to play music and dance in what square?
Congo Square
Gospel music is derived from which two styles of song?
Traditional Christian Hymns and Work Songs
Tommy Dorsey was known as the _____.
Father of Gospel
Blues music can usually be split into four sections. The first three sections express why the singer is sad and the last section _____.
is devoted to the resolution of the problem.
Settlers from England, Ireland, and _____ developed Appalachian Folk songs.
Old Smokey is an example of _____.
Appalachian Folk Song
Bluegrass music has been described as "Scottish bagpipes and ole-time _____."
Cajun music is usually sung in what language?
Amy Beach, an early female American Composer, wrote _____.
Gaelic Symphony
George Gershwin is best known for bridging the gap between Jazz and _____ music.
4'33" is a piece of music where no one plays a single note. It was composed by _____
John Cage
Name two film score composers
John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman
Who wrote the music to the "Star Wars" movies?
John Williams