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Western Music: Comprehensive


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In the early 1900's there were strong regional radio and _____ national radio companies
What was the name of the alley in NYC where music composers and producers called home?
Tin Pan
Bing Crosby sang what popular Christmas song?
White Christmas
The song I showed you that the Andrews Sisters sang was called _____.
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Western Swing is a combination of Country & Western Music with _____.
Big Band
Before the Grand Ole Opry became the icon it is today it was a _____.
Regional Radio Broadcast
Name one early western movie star that sang.
Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Patsy Montana
Jimmie Rogers is also known as _____.
The Blue Yodler
What city became the hub for Country and Western music?
Many people thought that Hank Williams music was _____.
Name one of the national labels that started before 1955
Decca, Mercury, RCA-Victor, Columbia, Capital, MGM, Atlantic
The 1950's saw the rise of what kind of culture?
Who performed Rock Around the Clock?
Bill Haley and The Comets
Record charts like Billboard and Crashbox were created to show trends to _____.
Name one of the first crossover artists.
Fats Domino, Little Richard, Chuck Berry
Name two famous Elvis songs
What two musical genres influenced Buddy Holly?
Country & Western and Rhythm & Blues
What two artists performed "Blowin' in the Wind"
Bob Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary
Who performed "The Way You Do the Things You Do"?
The Temptations
Who performed "Baby Love, My Baby Love"?
The Supremes
Who performed "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie: Honey Bunch)"?
The Four Tops
Atlantic was one of the labels that produced Southern Soul music, what was the name of the other one?
Who performed "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"?
Otis Redding
Who performed "In the Midnight Hour"?
Wilson Pickett
Who performed "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"?
Aretha Franklin
Who performed "Papas Got A Brand New Bag"?
James Brown
What was the first label to record Elvis Presley?
What was the first book published in the American colonies?
Bay Psalm Book
What is the other name for Shape-Note singing?
Fasola singing
What kind of music group did we copy from the British during the Revolutionary War?
Drum and & Fife Band
The Star Spangled Banner was written during what war?
The War of 1812
Parlor Music is often _____ and overly-romantic
Work Songs originated in slave fields and often hid subtle _____.
messages of rebellion
In New Orleans slaves were allowed to get together to play music and dance in what square?
Congo Square
Gospel music is derived from which two styles of song?
Traditional Christian Hymns and Work Songs
Tommy Dorsey was known as the _____.
Father of Gospel
Blues music can usually be split into four sections. The first three sections express why the singer is sad and the last section _____.
is devoted to the resolution of the problem.
Settlers from England, Ireland, and _____ developed Appalachian Folk songs.
Old Smokey is an example of _____.
Appalachian Folk Song
Bluegrass music has been described as "Scottish bagpipes and ole-time _____."
Cajun music is usually sung in what language?
Amy Beach, an early female American Composer, wrote _____.
Gaelic Symphony
George Gershwin is best known for bridging the gap between Jazz and _____ music.
4'33" is a piece of music where no one plays a single note. It was composed by _____
John Cage
Name two film score composers
John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman
Who wrote the music to the "Star Wars" movies?
John Williams
Name 5 new musical styles from the 29th Century.
Rock, Jazz, Atonal, Aleatoric (chance), etc...
What is a Modernist Composer?
A composer who purposefully breaks all of the musical rules.
What is a Traditionalist Composer?
A composer that pushes the boundaries, but stays within the musical rules.
What is dissonance?
Unusual harmonies.
How did the industrial revolution affect instruments?
What is Nationalism? How did it affect compositions?
Name 3 traits of Romantic Music.
Define Strophic
What is Leider?
Tell me about Franz Schubert, include 1 song
What is the story of Erlkönig
What is chromaticism?
Tell me about Clara Schumann. include 1 song.
What is Program Music?
What is Absolute Music?
Tell me about Hector Berlioz. Include 1 song
What happened to the size of the Symphony during the Romantic Period?
Tell me about Johannes Brahms. Include 1 song
The Romantic Concerto has enhanced _____.
Tell me about Felix Mendelssohn. Include 1 song
What is a part song?
Tell me about Fanny Mendelssohn. Include 1 song
Tell me about Puccini. Include 1 song
Tell me about Bizet. Include 1 song
Tell me about Verdi. Include 1 song
Tell me about Tchaikovsky. Include 1 song
Tell me about Wagner. Include 1 song
What is dissonance?
What is a song cycle?
Tell me about Robert Schumann. include 1 song
What instrument was the favorite for Romantic virtuosos?
Tell me about Chopin. include 1 song
Chopin was known as the Poet of the _____
Tell me about Franz Liszt. include 1 song
What are the approximate dates of the Classical Era?
Name 3 elements of Classical Music
Very Defined movements, Melodies are singable, Symmetrical Phrases, Regular rhythms, homophonic texture, use of folk element.
_____ are self-contained parts of a musical composition.
Who does "The Viennese School" refer to?
Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
What is the Patronage System?
a musician is given room and board for writing music.
Even though house musicians ranked little better than servants, it brought what?
economic stability
Name 3 jobs women found under the Patronage System.
Professional Opera Singers, Ballet dancers, Instrumentalists, Music Teachers, Solo performers
Performances moved from the _____ to public _____ .
palace, concert halls
Classical era is considered the golden age of _____ .
chamber music
_____ are the most common type of chamber music.
string quartets
Describe the structure of a sting quartet, including the speed of each movement.
4 movements: Fast, Slow, Moderate, Fast
The roots of the symphony are in the _____ .
Opera Overture
Classical orchestra typically had _____ players.
The heart of the classical orchestra was the _____ .
Describe the structure of a symphony, including the speed of each movement.
4 movements: Fast, Slow, Moderate, Fast
What is cadenza?
an improvised solo passage at the end of a movement
Describe the structure of a concerto, including the speed of each movement.
3 movements: Fast, Slow, Fast
Describe the structure of a classical sonata.
3 or 4 movements: Fast, Slow, (Moderate), Fast
What are the 3 kinds of sacred vocal music during the classical era?
Mass, Requiem Mass, Oratorio
Mass and Requiem eventually moved from the church to the _____ .
Concert hall
What was Mozart's last composition?
the Dies Irae from his Requiem Mass
Name the two types of classical Opera
Seria and Buffo
Describe Opera Seria.
Serious Opera
Describe Opera Buffo.
Comical Opera
What replaced the castrato in classical opera?
Buffo (comic bass)
Write about Mozart
Write about Haydn
Write about Beethoven
The Baroque Era spans roughly between _____ and ______ .
Home, Church, and University
Music-making centered in the ______.
Collegium musician
A music group from a university is known as ______.
Florentine Camerata
Monody was first used in Italy by what group?
Major - Minor
________ tonality system is established.
One mood or affection per movement or piece
What is The Doctrine of Affections?
Looking to the Near East, the Americas, and elsewhere for ideas
What is Exoticism?
A highly skilled musician.
What is a virtuoso?
What is the modern equivalent of a castrato?
______ is a large-scale sung drama.
Recitative, Aria, Ensemble
Name and define 3 parts of Opera.
_______ is a large-scale sung drama with religious or biblical text.
Does an oratorio use costumes?
______ is a solo or small group playing with an orchestra.
______ is a solo or small group playing with an orchestra.
To contend with
Define Concerto
Concerto Grosso: Small group w/orchestra
Solo Concerto: Solo w/orchestra.
Name and explain the two types of concertos.
_____ is a song sung in a round
Is a fugue for instrumental or choral music?
Monteverdi was known for his_______.
Handel was known for his_______.
Vivaldi was known for his_______.
Bach was known for his_______.
An obvious melody w/accompaniment
Figured Bass
Shorthand notation for harmony
A Cappella
To sing without accompaniment. Or to perform music that is sung only.
Global warming
What global occurrence helped sustain the renaissance?
churches, cities, and courts
Name the three groups that employed professional musicians.
What does the name Renaissance mean?
Many parts playing together and overlapping each other
Non-religious music
Religious music
The rules and forms of music composition
When a phrase recurs exactly as before without variation.
Where did the Renaissance movement start?
Elizabeth I
Who was the Queen of England when Renaissance music reached England?
styles of sacred music
What are motets and masses?
Sung in the German Language by the congregation instead of professional musicians
What are the characteristics of the German Chorals?
Anthems were sung in what language?
through composed
A new tune for each new line of text
more readily available, it was cheaper, it was more accurate
Describe the effect that the printing press had on music.
1557, it had bar lines
When was the earliest score printed and what did it have?