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Cosmetology State Board Prep (Nails)

Nails, Nail Diseases and Disorders

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What is the name for any nail disease?
What is the hyponychium?
The skin under the free Edge, Attatched to the nail
If you damage this part of the nail, it will never grow again
The matrix
How do you file a toenail?
Straight across and round the corners
What do you not include in a plain manicure?
Ruffing the nail with an emery board
After you apply a base coat during a french manicure, what do you apply next?
An opaque white polish or a natural color polish
What is the proper way to apply cuticle remover?
With an orange wood stick wrapped with a cotton tip
What is another name for Onychomycosis?
Tinea Ungum or Ringworm
Portion of the skin just below the free edge?
While giving a manicure, instruments should be kept in?
Closed container with a disinfectant
What is a Pedicure?
The artful care of the feet, legs and toenails
What is the proper way to file the nails?
Corner to cetner
What is a manicure?
The artful care of the hands and nails
Define Eponychium?
Extension of cuticle at base of nail
Define Pterygium?
The forward growth of eponychium with adherence to surface of the nail
Blue nails are a sign of?
Poor Circulation
Nerve and blood supply form the nail from what?
The matrix
What do you use to loosen the cuticle?
Solvent and pusher
Frayed nail edges are caused by?
Improper filing
What happens when nails are filed too deep into the corners?
It weakens the nails causing ingrown nails
If you are not giving a manicure at the table, then where else would it be given?
At the booth
How are toenails shaped?
Straight Across
How should you treat a client with athletes food?
Do NOT treat
How do you prevent contamination when applying a nail tip?
Do NOT touch the tip
Implements that cannot be disinfected must be
Discarded after each use
When you are finished doing an acrylic enhancement, what do you give the client?
The buffer and file
What do you do after putting primer on the nail and you accidently touch the nail?
Clean and Reapply the primer
If a file falls on the floor, what should you do?
Discard it
What is the technical term for ringworm?
How do you determine the shape of the nail?
By the shape of the fingertip
A change in color of natural nail after applying artificial nail may indicate
What is the name for a nail fungus?
How do you thin out nail polish?
Polish thinner
What does base coat prevent?
If you do not file deep into the corner of the nails, the result will be?
Stronger nails
Skin under the free edge is?
The hyponychium