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Why is the rainforest a fragile ecosystem?
Constant rainfall, interception, evapotranspiration.
Leaves fall, material decomposes quickly because it is hot and wet, minerals in ground, minerals used in plants, trees constant growth.
Why do the government view the rainforest as a valuable resource?
To sell resources to richer countries to make money.
What are the give main reasons for desertification?
Logging. Trees are cut down for timber.
Agriculture. Trees are removed for farmland.
Minerals. Trees are removed to reach minerals.
Roads. Trees removed for roads for better accessor logging.
Hydroelectric power. Areas are flooded and trees removed for HEP renewable energy.
How is the lifestyle of the nuaulu people in Indonesia seen as sustainable?
Allow ground to become fertile, using small areas at a time, good use of resources, small villages meaning few people are there to damage the environment.
What are the effects of deforestation?
Less interception, leads to less evapotranspiration, which leads to less rainfall and therefore less plant growth. Also the trees are not there to protect the ground, heavy rainfall hits ground, increased surface run off and erosion and removal of humus layer leads it flooding and less plant growth.
What are some effects of deforestation on a local scale?
Soil becomes infertile and large amounts of fertiliser has to be used. Local indigenous people will loose their homes and lifestyle. Loss of income. Farmers forced deeper into the rainforest to rear cattle. Health problems due to burning dead trees releasing poisonous gases.
How can deforestation affect national governments?
Less income from logging. Increase in greenhouse effect effecting the climate even further. More likely floods due to increased surface run off and compacting of the soil. Less of a tourist attraction so less income. Never be able to re grow the primary forest.
How does deforestation affect global climate change and the global population?
Less photosynthesis meaning less oxygen and more carbon dioxide resulting in more of the suns energy being trapped and therefore increasing the temperature of the earth. Loss of resources which could cure cancer of be an alternative energy source.
How can agroforestry conserve the tropical rainforest?
It is a farming technique to mimic the layers of diversity found in the rainforest. It helps return nutrients and minerals to the soil and can repair deforested areas. It also acts as a buffer zone to protect the remaining forest.
How does ecotourism conserve the tropical rainforest?
It provides many people an incentive to preserve the natural beauty. It can be carefully managed to make sure no damage is done and the tourists still visit.
How can selling forest crafts conserve the tropical rainforest?
Can be sold to raise awareness and generate money so people are not 100% dependant on logging.
How can controlled logging conserve the tropical rainforests?
Companies have a limit on the number of trees they can remove and any illegal action is removed by local authorities.
How can the world save the rainforest?
Recycling puts less pressure on resources. Substitute tropical hardwoods for something less damaging to the environment. Educating people nope the beauty and necessity of the rainforest. Shop sustainable. Support charities like wwf that save the rainforest.
Where is your main case study for deforestation?
Borneo. It is an island which is partially owned by Indonesia and Malaysia in the Pacific Ocean.
Why is an area you studied being deforested?
Logging. Bakun hydroelectric power. Climate change. Rubber trees. Minerals. Urbanisation. Palm oil plantations. Fires. Mining.
Who is working to protect the rainforest in Borneo?
Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei governments. Local governments. NGO's.
What is being done to protect the rainforest?
Stopping illegal logging, proposed world heritage site, sustainable forest management, locals encouraged to protect rainforest with money. Conservation districts.
What have been the benefits of preventing deforestation in Borneo?
Logging licensed. Endangered animals protected. National parks. Research. Income. Ecotourism.
What causes deforestation in Madagascar?
Slash and burn
Who is trying to prevent deforestation in Madagascar?
Small NGO's. Local people given new skills to protect wildlife.
What has been done to prevent deforestation?
Local people trained in seed collection and tree nurseries. 400+ hectares reafforested with over 1000 young trees of 57 varieties. Developing ecotourism.
What are the benefits of this?
More consistent income. Increased ecotourism. Declared nature reserve.