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Cosmetology State Board Prep (Sanitation)


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___% hydrogen peroxide is used as an antiseptic
A chemical sanitizer is
A disinfectant
How are electrical appliances sanitized?
70% alcohol
What is used to sanitize the hands?
70% alcohol
What solution is used to kill or retard the growth of bacteria?
An antiseptic
What chemical agent is used safely on the skin?
An antiseptic
Boric acid is used for what purpose?
What is a wet sanitizer?
A receptacle to hold disinfectant to immerse objects in to sanitize
What is a dry sanitizer?
An airtight cabinet containing an active fumigant
Why don't you keep combs and supplies in your pockets?
It is unsanitary
What is a disinfectant?
A chemical agent used to destroy bacteria and sanitize implements
How do you remove cream from containers?
With a sanitized spatula
What are harmful bacteria called?
What percent formalin solution is used to sanitize combs and brushes?
What is used to sanitize metallic implements?
70% alcohol
Where does bacteria grow?
Damp, dark, dirty, warm places
What is the rod-shaped bacteria?
Non-pathogenic bacteria are:
Are harmless to humans and can be beneficial
How do you prevent the spread of dandruff?
Sanitize implements after use
How any times should a shampoo bowl be disinfected?
After each use
How many times a day should a trash can liner be changed?
What is the difference between disinfecting and sterilization?
Sterilization kills all spore forming bacteria
What is the first step in disinfecting a hairbrush?
Remove hair
What do you do if a solution gets cloudy?
Change it
Where do you store clean dry, towels?
Clean closed container
If a solution has an EPA number on it, what does it mean?
Ready to use and it is effective
What is a universal solvent?
For a disinfectant to be effective, you must do what?
Immerse implements completely
A disinfectant can be used if it has what on it?
EPA number on it
What explains what a disinfectant has been tested for and its effectiveness?
EPA number
What is OSHA?
Occupational Safety Health Administration
What gives information on proper use, safety precautions and active ingredients in products?
What can spread a contagious disease in a salon through direct contact between people?
Unsanitary tools
How long do you disinfect implements for?
10 minutes
How long do you sanitize your hands?
20-25 seconds
What is the efficacy claim on a disinfectant?
EPA Standard
How do you disinfect an implement with blood?
Wear gloves
What is the lowest level of disinfectant ion?
How do you clean brushes?
Wash with soap and water, rinse and soak in disinfectant