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  1. rip hammer
  2. speed square
  3. slotted screw driver
  4. pipe wrench
  5. hand saw
  1. a very useful for measuring and marking angles from 0 to 90 degrees. also useful for marking rafters and roofing angles. also convenient for use as a guide for cutting squarely with a circular saw
  2. b used for driving nails. straight claws are good for prying boards apart. not for striking metal other than nails
  3. c has a long metal tapered blade and is used either for cross cutting or ripping depending on the style of teeth. cuts on the push stroke and is best for making straight cuts
  4. d jaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings
  5. e flat tip fits the slot on the top of a screw. least efficient type of screw driver

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  1. wood jaws clamp flat surfaces without marring
  2. common pliers with serrated jaws which have two jaw settings. useful for gripping small irregularly shaped objects
  3. a string wound on a reel inside a case. chalk is held in the case and coats the string as it is pulled out. when the string is pulled tight and snapped against a surface it leaves a straight chalk mark. can also be used as a plumb bob
  4. long pointed jaws of these pliers are useful for grasping small objects in confined spaces
  5. long clamp used for clamping wide objects

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  1. claw hammerused for driving nails. curved claws are very good for pulling nails. not for striking metal other than nails


  2. wood planeused for smoothing wood surfaces and trimming the edges of boards and doors


  3. hack sawusually has finer teeth and is often used in a miter box for cutting angles. the thin blade is reinforced with a ridge of thicker metal along the back of the saw. it cannot cut deeper than the ridge


  4. cold chiselflat blade tool with a bevel on one side and a handle on the other end. useful for cutting and paring wood. can be used by hand or tapped with a mallet or hammer


  5. vise grip plierscompound lever, locking pliers which grip very tightly. knob on end of handle adjusts the grip