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  1. slotted screw driver
  2. crow bar
  3. open end wrench
  4. phillips screw driver
  5. plumb bob
  1. a flat tip fits the slot on the top of a screw. least efficient type of screw driver
  2. b curved claw on one end useful for pulling nails and spade point on the other end is used for levering boards apart
  3. c non adjustable wrench used for turning nuts and bolts
  4. d cross tip design doubles the turning surfaces and the pointed tip stays centered in the screw head
  5. e pointed weight which hangs from a string. gravity pulls the string taunt and plum. used for transferring overhead points to the floor and checking the plumb of boards and posts

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  1. replaceable blade is very sharp. used for sharpening pencils, scribing lines and general cutting
  2. used to cut wire and pull staple and small nails
  3. compound lever, locking pliers which grip very tightly. knob on end of handle adjusts the grip
  4. used for cutting metal like the tin snips, but the compound leverage allows it to cut thicker metal more easily
  5. wood jaws clamp flat surfaces without marring

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  1. wood raspresembles a large file but has very coarse large teeth. useful for shaping wood


  2. ball peen hammerused for driving nails. curved claws are very good for pulling nails. not for striking metal other than nails


  3. linesman's plierscommon pliers with serrated jaws which have two jaw settings. useful for gripping small irregularly shaped objects


  4. cable cutterslong handles and hardened jaws allow this tool to cut bolts and rod steel including padlocks


  5. chalk linethin blade is held in tension by the frame like the coping saw, but the blade is thicker and the saw is longer. It is used for cutting metal