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  1. vise grip pliers
  2. wood plane
  3. coping saw
  4. combination square
  5. hand stapler
  1. a used for driving staples into wood and other semi-soft surfaces. good for fastening material to sets and muslin to flat frames
  2. b used for smoothing wood surfaces and trimming the edges of boards and doors
  3. c can be used to make right angles, forty five degree angles, plumb posts etc. can also measure depths and mark continuous distances along and straight edge
  4. d the very thin blade is held in tension by the metal frame which keeps it from bending. very good for find detail and decorative curved cuts
  5. e compound lever, locking pliers which grip very tightly. knob on end of handle adjusts the grip

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  1. used for driving nails. curved claws are very good for pulling nails. not for striking metal other than nails
  2. replaceable blade is very sharp. used for sharpening pencils, scribing lines and general cutting
  3. useful for long measurements, such as taping out ground plans on a stage
  4. used for driving nails. straight claws are good for prying boards apart. not for striking metal other than nails
  5. square nosed pliers with insulated handles and cutter jaws inside. useful for working with electrical wiring

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  1. tack hammermagnetic end holds tacks so they can be started with one hand. turn the hammer and use the square end for driving the tack


  2. tin snipsused for cutting metal like the tin snips, but the compound leverage allows it to cut thicker metal more easily


  3. c clampc shaped metal frame with a threaded rod. useful for clamping metal or rough lumber


  4. pipe wrenchjaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings


  5. open end wrenchclosed toothed head fits completely over nut and provides the most secure grip


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