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  1. hand stapler
  2. chalk line
  3. open ended adjustable wrench (crescent or c-wrench)
  4. wonder bar
  5. keyhole saw
  1. a flatter than a crow bar but has mostly the same functions
  2. b large teeth and very narrow long blade. useful for rough cutting inside large surfaces, most often used for cutting holes in sheetrock
  3. c screw adjustment allows it to fit many sizes of fasteners but does not grip as securely as non adjustable wrenches
  4. d used for driving staples into wood and other semi-soft surfaces. good for fastening material to sets and muslin to flat frames
  5. e a string wound on a reel inside a case. chalk is held in the case and coats the string as it is pulled out. when the string is pulled tight and snapped against a surface it leaves a straight chalk mark. can also be used as a plumb bob

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  1. used for driving nails. curved claws are very good for pulling nails. not for striking metal other than nails
  2. jaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings
  3. long pointed jaws of these pliers are useful for grasping small objects in confined spaces
  4. alcohol filled vials show when the tool is level and also plumb. available in several sizes usually two and four feet lengths
  5. non adjustable wrench used for turning nuts and bolts

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  1. slotted screw drivercross tip design doubles the turning surfaces and the pointed tip stays centered in the screw head


  2. tin snipsused for cutting metal like the tin snips, but the compound leverage allows it to cut thicker metal more easily


  3. bullet levelsmall size spirit level, useful because it is easy to carry in a tool pouch, but not as accurate as a longer level


  4. aviation snipsused like scissors, but cuts light sheet metal


  5. hand sawhas a long metal tapered blade and is used either for cross cutting or ripping depending on the style of teeth. cuts on the push stroke and is best for making straight cuts