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  1. coping saw
  2. bar clamp
  3. c clamp
  4. channel lock or box joint pliers
  5. vise grip pliers
  1. a the very thin blade is held in tension by the metal frame which keeps it from bending. very good for find detail and decorative curved cuts
  2. b compound lever, locking pliers which grip very tightly. knob on end of handle adjusts the grip
  3. c adjustable pliers with a wide range of openings. serrated jaws grip large irregular objects
  4. d c shaped metal frame with a threaded rod. useful for clamping metal or rough lumber
  5. e long clamp used for clamping wide objects

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  1. flat blade tool with a bevel on one side and a handle on the other end. useful for cutting and paring wood. can be used by hand or tapped with a mallet or hammer
  2. resembles a large file but has very coarse large teeth. useful for shaping wood
  3. very useful for measuring and marking angles from 0 to 90 degrees. also useful for marking rafters and roofing angles. also convenient for use as a guide for cutting squarely with a circular saw
  4. used for driving nails. straight claws are good for prying boards apart. not for striking metal other than nails
  5. used for smoothing wood surfaces and trimming the edges of boards and doors

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  1. 100' open reel tape measureuseful for long measurements, such as taping out ground plans on a stage


  2. hand staplerused for driving staples into wood and other semi-soft surfaces. good for fastening material to sets and muslin to flat frames


  3. self retracting hand tape measuresteel blade is formed into a shallow channel to allow it to stand out rigid. hook on end simplifies on person measurement and the lock allows it to hold its length. comes in lengths from 3' to 35'


  4. sledge hammerused for driving nails. curved claws are very good for pulling nails. not for striking metal other than nails


  5. open end wrenchjaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings


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