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  1. vise grip pliers
  2. phillips screw driver
  3. utility knife, (mat knife, x-acto knife)
  4. mallet
  5. self retracting hand tape measure
  1. a can be made from leather, wood or rubber. useful for striking surfaces without damage to them, such as when driving wood joints together. also useful for driving bolts out of platforms as it will not damage the threads
  2. b replaceable blade is very sharp. used for sharpening pencils, scribing lines and general cutting
  3. c steel blade is formed into a shallow channel to allow it to stand out rigid. hook on end simplifies on person measurement and the lock allows it to hold its length. comes in lengths from 3' to 35'
  4. d compound lever, locking pliers which grip very tightly. knob on end of handle adjusts the grip
  5. e cross tip design doubles the turning surfaces and the pointed tip stays centered in the screw head

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  1. long clamp used for clamping wide objects
  2. flat blade tool with a bevel on one side and a handle on the other end. useful for cutting and paring wood. can be used by hand or tapped with a mallet or hammer
  3. c shaped metal frame with a threaded rod. useful for clamping metal or rough lumber
  4. long handles and hardened jaws allow this tool to cut bolts and rod steel including padlocks
  5. a small scale used for marking right angle and checking the ends of boards for square

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  1. wood planeused for smoothing wood surfaces and trimming the edges of boards and doors


  2. slip joint plierscompound lever, locking pliers which grip very tightly. knob on end of handle adjusts the grip


  3. crow barusually has finer teeth and is often used in a miter box for cutting angles. the thin blade is reinforced with a ridge of thicker metal along the back of the saw. it cannot cut deeper than the ridge


  4. needle nosed plierscommon pliers with serrated jaws which have two jaw settings. useful for gripping small irregularly shaped objects


  5. pipe wrenchjaw adjusts like the c-wrench but it has toothed jaws for gripping pipes and other fittings