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Hinduism's Ethnic Group & Religous Group?

India and Indian

Hinduism's Literature?

The book of knowledge; Veda

Hinduism's beliefs and founders?

1 of the oldest religions in the world. Started by Aryans. Polythesic believes in more than 1 god. Believe that animals and humans have souls.

What does reincarnation mean?

Souls enters another body after death

Buddhism's Ethnic Group & Religous Group?

India and Indian

Buddhism's Literature?

The Middle Way; The Eight Rules of Conducts called the Eightfold path

Buddhism's beliefs and founders?

Siddhartha Guatama found the religion in 500 B.C. He was called Buddha or the enlightened one.

Buddhism's Beliefs...

One was that life always brought pain. Two was that suffering & sorrow were usually caused by greed & desire.

Buddhism's beliefs???

Five was that unselfishness was the key to everything

Islam's Ethnic Group & Religous Group?

Southwest Asia/Arabs

Islam's Literature?

The Quran

Islam's Beliefs & Founders?

They believed in only one god; that if you believe in more than one god it is called a polythesic religion. Muhammad is the founder.

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