8 terms

Magicians N./characters

a young boy who moved to London with his mother sick, selfish, acts without thinking, concerned about his mother
young girl who lives in London with her family, careful, always good
Uncle Andrew
selfish, mean, very tall and thin, unmarried, thinks himself a magician, creates the rings, fear, he would save himself from danger, wants to use Narnia to make himself rich and famous
Queen Jadis
evil, extremely tall and beautiful, has great powers, destroyed the city of Charn, and cares nothing about other people
represents God in the story, huge, shaggy, bright, protects Narnia from evil, kind to the children, leader of Narnia,
a red faced man, owns Strawberry, operates a cab with the horse,in Narnia, Cabby is the king
Strawberry / Fledge
a horse, turned into a winged horse in Narnia, gets renamed Fledge, Fledge takes Digory to the garden and back to Narnia
Queen Helen
Cabby's Wife, young woman with a kind, honest face, Queen of Narnia