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What are the differences between the articles of confederation and the constitution?
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What is the constitutional role of the Executive Branch?Enforces lawsWhat are the presidents formal powers?Chief executive, Commander chief & can make treatiesWhat are the formal qualifications for a person to be elected president?35 yrs ↑must have lived 14 years in the states and native born citizenWat are the presidents formal military powers?Commander chief: Deploy troops BUT cannot declare war (congress does)Why does a president utilize his veto power? Does the president have the power to line-item veto?-To reject bills -NoWhat branch is responsible for malign laws?Legislative Branch (Congress)According to the constitution, what is the biggest congressional check on Presidential war power?Approval of budget ($$$)Article 1, section 8, clause 18:The Elastic clause, the Necessary and Proper clause.What is the effect of the necessary and proper clause?how does it effect Congress power?Expands national powerWhat congressional power has been used most often to expand the power of the federal government?Commerce clauseWhat happens to bill after both houses of congress have passed it?Sent to the presidentWhat is the length of term for senators6What is the length of term for US representatives?2What are the major expressed powers of congress?Congress can declare warWhat is the power a court has to declare a law of congress unconstitutional?Judicial review