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The study of Earth's features.....


The pattern of weather a place has over a long period of time.....

Growing season

The time in which crops can grow is know as the.......

Land Form map

A map that shows you a region's physical features......


Paths between one place and another that make possible the movement of people and goods are called....


Places where two routes meet....


Natural resources such as oil, coal, and wood, to get energy for heat or electricity are called......


A waterway built by people......

Land, Water, Climate, Plants

What are 4 main physical features that are used to tell about a place?

Lake, river, basin

List 3 bodies of water......

Roads, Farms, Bridges

List 3 human features....

When it is cold out we wear warm clothes.

How do you adapt to your environment?

Soil, Water, Coal

List 3 natural resources.....


Lowlands that lie between mountain ranges......


Landforms that have steep sides and a flat top.....


Dry land with few plants.......


Land that has water on all sides......


The top of a mountain......

North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest.

What are the cardinal directions and intermediate directions?

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