20 terms

PAP English II Vocabulary Lesson 1& 2

vocabulary words
Divulge (V)
to tell; to reveal ( as a secret)
Abet (V)
to assist or encourage, especially in wrongdoing.
Dogmatic (Adj)
arrogant and stubborn about one's (often unproven) beliefs
Insipid (Adj)
lacking flavor; dull; not at all stimulating
Extraneous (Adj)
inessential; not constituting a vital part
Coerce (V)
to force by using pressure, intimidation, or threats
Jaundiced (Adj)
prejudiced; hostile
Meticulous (Adj)
extremely, sometimes excessively, careful about small details; precise
Temerity (N)
recklessness; a foolish disregard of danger
Gregarious (Adj)
sociable; fond of the company of others
Heresy (N)
the crime of holding a belief that goes against established doctrine
Docile (Adj)
easy to teach or manage
Libation (N)
a drink, especially an alcoholic one
Anathema (N)
1. a hated, repellant person or thing
2. a formal curse
Banter (N)
teasing; playful conversation
Castigate (V)
to criticize or punish severely
Gauche (Adj)
lacking social graces; tactless
Ignominy (N)
public shame, disgrace, or dishonor
Motley (Adj)
made up of dissimilar parts; being of many colors
Emaciated (Adj)
extremely thin; wasted away