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Sahady WVU exam 1


Remains of past life forms


man made

gene pool

all genes in a population


Classification using sets of categories


splitting of a population


earliest fossil

Darwin-Natural selection



All living things are adapted and must change over time to survive


Modern human beings as well as primates who walk erect(Bipedal)


4.2-2.3 mya earliest well esablished homid fossil


Small teeth and jaw.. smaller skull


bigger teeth larger jaws more muscular

HOMO 2 species

flatter face, forehead less sloping and larger brains

Homo habilis

larger brain smaller teeth

homo erectus

1.8 to 100,000 brain size overlaps range of modern human tools are hand axe and flaking tools used poss of burial and fire

homo sapians


moden humans 300,000 ya-



yet to be rigorously tested


has already undergone extensive testing


any spontaneous change error in genetic code


Archeology, Biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistics

new world monkeys

all arboreal live in trees have prehensile tails

Old world monkeys

Dont have prehensile tails


study of past life using fossils and geological context

distinctive human traits

bipedal, disk shaped pelvis, lumbar spine, straight lower limbs, arched non prehensile feet length and flexiable thumb

genetic flow

process where gene pass from one pop to another through mating and reproduction

founder effect

genetic differences bet. pop. produced by the fact that genetically diff. ind. est. true pop


large brain, tree dwelling, 3d visionsteroscopic reduced sense of smell grasping feet and hands opposible thumb flexiable limbs, quadripedal, but pipedal for breif periods few offspring extened direct care social animals

genetic drift wright effect

random fluctuation of allels in a population from generation to generation; smaller pop= greater flucuation

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