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what action does ceasar refuse to take just before he is murdered? how would you describe his behavior in refusing?

he doesn't read antimidorus's letter. very arrogant

what most surprised Ceasar when he is attacked? what might he have been thinking as he died?

he was shocked to see Brutus taking part... Maybe he should have stayed home

how does antony respond to the conspirators immediately after Ceasar's murder?why does he behave this way?

he was trying to befriend them and was trying to give them the idea that he would follow brutus. He does this to seek revenge and gain support of the people

summarize the crowd's reactions to Brutus's and Antony's funeral speeches. what can you infer about the crowd from their reactions?

At first the crowd was willing to follow Brutus, but Antony wins them over. they are easily persuaded.

what was the content of Caesar's will?why might antony have made a point of reading the will?

there was 75 silver coins for everyone and his land was to become a public park for the people. Antony wanted to appeal to their emotions.

why might Shakespeare have chosen to include the scene of the attack on Cinna the poet?

Because there were two Cinnas and it showed how deep Antony's speech reached them

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