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Vessels and Vestments of the Catholic Church

gold cup used by the priest to hold the wine
(cup of Elijah)
(sacred vessel)
gold, flat plate used by the priest at Mass for the bread
(cannot pass out body from the Paten)
(sacred vessel)
gold cuplike container with a lid for holding the Body of Christ in the tabernacle
(sacred vessel)
the glass containers that hold the wine and water
(sacred vessel)
large container that holds wine to be poured into the glasses for communion
(sacred vessel)
finger bowl
glass bowl used for washing the priest hands
(sacred vessel)
tree resin which smokes and smells and is used in honoring God at some liturgical celebrations
(represents seeing your prayers go up to God)
(sacred vessel)
incense boat
holds the incense
(sacred vessel)
the round object at the end of the chain which holds the hot charcoal and incense. it is what makes the smoke and incenses the altar.
(sacred vessel)
when lit it burns hot and melts the incense
(sacred vessel)
the holy water sprinkler used with a holy water pot
(reminds us of baptism)
(sacred vessel)
the wafer which becomes the Body of Christ
(communion supplies)
can either receive just the body or just the blood; not required to take both; one is sufficient
when the host is dipped into the blood
the fermented liquid which becomes the blood of Christ
(communion supplies)
Eucharistic minister
lay person who is commissioned to distribute communion
(communion supplies)
the extra hosts which are consecrated and must be placed safely in the tabernacle
(communion supplies)
small, round, metal container that a consecrated host can be carried in
(such as taking communion to sick people in the hospital, elderly people at nursing homes, etc.)
"holds body"; a square cloth used placed on the center of the altar. the chalice, paten, and ciborium are placed on it. it's function is to catch the consecrated wine or host crumbs
(church linen)
a cloth with a cross in the corner or the middle used for wiping and purifying the chalice
(church linen)
finger towel
cloth used for the priest to dry his hands before he proceeds with the consecration of the Eucharist
(church linen)
the cloth which covers a casket while it is in the church
(church linen)
not ordained
the long, white robe worn under other garments in the liturgy
(priest garments)
"little house"; colored vestment worn over the alb
(priest garments)
a rope worn around the alb to tie at the waist
(priest garments)
a scarf like colored cloth worn by ordained priests
(throwback when Jesus wore prayer scarfs)
(priest garments)
the diagonal, colored cloth worn by the deacon over his alb (helper)
(priest garments)
short, lacy garment worn by altar boys or someone serving the priest
(priest garments)
the cape worn by the priest for special occasions (matches the color of the season)
(priest garments)
the pointed hat worn by the Bishop
(priest garments)
staff carried by the Bishop
(priest garments)
little hat worn by the Bishop
(pope = white)
(priest garments)
podium where the Word of God is proclaimed to the congregation; a place for teaching; reading from the lectionary = the book that holds all the readings (always at ambo)
(church furnishing)
center, most obvious place in the Church where the faithful gather as the Body of Christ to celebrate the Eucharist. it is also called the Table of the Lord.
focal point of mass
(church furnishing)
Presider Chair
stands as the symbol of the priests office of presiding over the assembly; in a cathedral, the chair is called the cathedra
(the teaching chair)
(church furnishing)
the place in the Church where the consecrated hosts are reserved.
(church furnishing)
Paschal Candle
the large candle used for funerals and baptisms which was lit first from the Easter Vigil fire
(always goes at the head of a casket)
(church furnishing)
Tabernacle light
this red, glass lamp is lit when the tabernacle has the Body of Christ is present inside; God's word is everlasting; anytime host are in the tabernacle = the candle is lit
(church furnishing)
Holy Oils
the 3 oils of Chrism, Catechumen, and Healing. they are kept in a prominent place within the Church
(church furnishing)
the large, gold figure that has a small space to hold a consecrated host for adoration of the Body of Christ. this consecrated host is referred to as a "blessed sacrament."
exposition = exposed and everyone praises
(church furnishing)
holy water
blessed water which reminds us of our baptism
(church furnishing)
Baptismal Font
the large fountain or basin which is used for baptism
(church furnishing)
a room for the storage of sacred vessels and is used by the priest for vesting; it may have a special sink o clean the vessels used for Mass
(church furnishing)
the book from which the presider reads the prayers for the mass; it has all the rules and prayers for Mass
(books of the liturgy)
the red writing in the sacramentary that has the directions for doing Mass
(books of the liturgy)
the book which contains the scripture readings for the Mass