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1st King


2nd King

Pompilius Numa

3rd King

Tullus Hostilius

4th King

Ancus Marcius

5th King

Tarquinius Priscus

6th King

Servius Tullius

7th King

Tarquinius Superbus

Founding of Rome

753 BCE

Regal Period

753 - 509 BCE

Roman Republic Founded

509 BCE

Tribunes founded

499 BCE


451 BCE

Camilius named Dictator

396 BCE

Siege of Veii

403 - 396 BCE

Sack of Rome

390 BCE

Licinian - Sextian Laws

366 BCE

First Punic War

264 - 241 BCE

Second Punic War

218 - 201 BCE

Fall of the Republic

133 - 31 BCE

3rd Punic War

149 - 146 BCE

Cato the Elder

stern moralist, helenophobic, law against expenses, first to write history in latin, optimates, against Carthage

Scipio Aemilianus

adoptive grandson of Scipio Africanus, razed Carthage (salting of Carthage)

First Triumvirate

59 BCE

Crossing of the Rubicon

49 BCE

Battle of Pharsalus

48 BCE

Ides of March

March 15, 44 BCE

2nd Triumvirate

43 BCE

Battle of Actium

31 BCE

Battle of Zama

202 BCE

Battle of Pharsalus

48 BCE

Crossing of the Rubicon

49 BCE

Battle of Phillipi

42 BCE

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