Race & Ethnic

Pluralism refers to the existence of...
diverse cultures co-existing in the same society.
The withdrawal of a group of people from a dominant group to establish a new nation;
Ethnic Cleansing
Ethnic Serbian extermination of Bosnian Muslims.
Which of the following is NOT considered an ethnic group?
The Bell Curve presented the research of Herrnstein and Murray on the IQ, where they claimed that..
whites are inherently more intelligent than blacks; 60 percent of IQ is inheritable; welfare should be ended to discourage births among low IQ poor women.
Between the year 2008 and 2100, the proportion of the U.S. population that is Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American will likely...
African American sociologist W.E.B. DuBois said in 1900 that the century's major problem would be...
the color-line.
Exaggerated generalizations about the characteristics of members of a group that do not recognize individual differences within the group are known as...
The Afrocentric perspective suggests...
more emphasis on African cultures and their role in the lives of Black Americans.
Races can be clearly distinguished on the basis of...
None of these.
The Hate Crime Statistics Act..
directs the Department of Justice to gather data on hate or bias crimes.
Reluctant liberals are those who...
discriminate if there is social pressure to do so.
The process of denying certain opportunities and equal rights or privileges to individuals and groups.
According to the social distance scale developed by Emory Bogardus, between 1926 and 1991, people's feelings of social distance toward different racial and ethnic groups have...
When Black respondents are asked how they get along with different minority groups, which group do they say they have the least difficulty getting along with?
American Indians.
The explotation theory of prejudice is based on the works of..
Karl Marx.
Sociologists now reject the view that minorities have...
low self-esteem; high self-esteem; a particular personality.
As of spring 2007, only ____ of the nearly 60 primetime series carried on the four networks featured performers of color in leading roles.
The information broker is one of the positions found in...
the informal economy.
The dual labor-market model...
is an example of social inequality.
On the day before the vote on the 1964 Civil Rights Act...
enemies of the act included gender, hoping for its defeat.
Affirmative action policies are aimed against practices such as...
union nepotism, fair recruiting practices, hiring the best qualified candidate.
Kennedy Heights, a predominantly Black housing development was knowingly constructed on contaminated land. This is known as...
environmental racism.
Most jobs found in the classified ads, according to one study, were for...
high paying, high skilled jobs requiring education and experience.
The majority of foreign students receiving their doctorates in the sciences and engineering in the U.S...
are still in the U.S. four years later.
By 2004, when physicians were no longer favored with entry to the U.S., physicians in the Philippines were retraining as ______ so they could immigrate to the U.S.
The fear of hatred of strangers or foreigners is known as...
Which of the following is a true statement about segregation?
The least segregated metropolitan areas tend to be those with the smallest African-American populations.
According to the Bogardus social distance scale, which group remained at the bottom (with the highest distance score) in 1926, 1966 and 1991?
Indians (from India)
Historically, people believed that federal judicial decisions about racial inequality would lead to sweeping social change, but _____ slowed down the minimal change that did occur prior to the 1960s.
The Chinese Exclusion Act
was passed with little debate by Congress; denied naturalization to Chinese already in the U.S.;outlawed Chinese immigration for 10 years.
A primary goal of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act was to
reunite immigrant families.
The most important force causing people to emigrate has been...
The Irish were once though to be worse than freed Blacks by privileged New Englanders because...
Blacks "knew their place."
Several examples of Conservative "theological camps" include:
America Lutherans and American Baptists.
Which are advantages associated with having a white identity?
Being considered financially reliable when using checks or credit cards, seeing people of one's own race widely represented on television and in the news; never having to speak for all the people of one's race
For the ___ man, the priesthood was viewed as desirable and respected occupation.
Irish American
The social norms of the Amish include all of the following EXCEPT..
the use of Pennsylvania Dutch dialect.
Which of the following is considered an ethnic group?
Puerto Ricans; Mexican Americans; Irish Americans
The most visible expression of pluralism is called...
Members of a minority or subordinate group..
share physical or cultural characteristics that differ from the majority group.
Racial formation refers to the...
sociohistorical process by which racial categories are created and manipulated.
Federal guidelines for federal agents from using race and ethnicity as a reason for investigating someone, but cases involving ____ are exempted.
Much of the opposition to policies related to eradicating poverty or immigration is attributable to...
laissez-faire racism; symbolic racism; modern racism
PEople with authoritarian personalities:
accept authority uncritically.
Patricia J. Williams, an A.A. academic, writes about her experiences with redlining. What happened before the lender found out she was Black?
She was offered an excellent loan.
At one time, many Puerto Ricans were effectively barred from serving in the Chicago Police Department because they failed to meet a height requirement. This was an example of...
institutional discrimination.
Research indicates that the immigration of low-skilled workers has...
no measurable impact on the unemployment rate of low-skilled White and African American workers.
The anti-Catholic feeling in the 19th century U.S.
made the Irish particularly unwelcome as immigrants; involved mob violence leading to death and destruction; was brought with the early immigrants from Europe.
In the early 1970s, the five mainline churches accounted for about 65% of the total Protestant membership. In 2006 that rate had...
dropped to 58%.
Which of the following would NOT be considered a White ethnic group?
The removal from Vietnam in 1979 of nearly one million ethnic Chinese is an example of..
The theoretical approach that takes the view that prejudice is influenced by situations that encourage or discourage the tolerance of minorities is called...
Which term refers to positive efforts to recruit minority group members or women for jobs, promotions, and education opportunities?
affirmative action
Limiting immigration on the basis of a quota from each country was part of the...
National Origin System.
The fundamentalism religious faiths include all of the following EXCEPT..
American Baptists.
William Ryan's phrase blaming the victim refers to...
the responsibility of the subordinate group for its own problems.
leads to mass extermination of German Jews during WW2; transfers guilt from the individual to some vulnerable group; involves prejudiced people believing they are society's victims.
Sociologists use what term to refer to the conscious experience of a negative discrepancy between legitimate expectations and present actualities?
Relative deprivation.
An ____ emphasizes African cultures and their role in the lives of Black Americans.
Afrocentric perspective.
Which theory examines the conflict between nations who control wealth and nations who provide labor and natural resources?
World systems theory.
Provide a historical or contemporary example of genocide.
The tendency to approach or withdraw from a social group is known as...
social distance.
What does the Bogardus scale measure?
Social distance toward different race and ethnic groups.
Why are babies of Puerto Rican mothers who are born in the U.S. more likely to die than those of mothers who migrated from Puerto Rico?
Puerto Ricans in the U.S. are less likely to be insured.
Never having to speak for all the people of your race is an example of...
a white privilege.
Which theory of prejudice attributes the problem to the class system inherent in capitalism?
Exploitation theory.
The pattern of discrimination against people trying to buy homes in minority or racially changing neighborhoods is called..
Which strategy was used to block Italian immigration in the 1920s?
National Origin System
German Americans...
make up the largest European American ancestral group in the U.S.
The wet foot, dry foot policy of immigration applies to...
Cuban refugees.
Civil religion...
is the religious dimension of U.S. life that merges the state with sacred beliefs.
Discrimination in the past and in current practices is described as...
total discrimination.
What does D represent in the equation A + B + C = D?
The new majority group.