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follows instruction to perform a task

This is what a computer device does...


this a set of instructions that the computer follows


this is a set of well-defined logical steps that must be taken in order to perform a task

machine language

this is the only language that a computer understands


this is a number that consists of only 1's and 0's

a programming language

a program written in this is much easier for people to understand than a program written in machine language


this translates a program into machine language

key words

these are the words that make up a programming language


this is a set of rules that must be strictly followed when writing a program

syntax error

if a program contains even one of these, it cannot be translated into an executable program

object tree

this is the part of the Alice environment that holds a list of all the objects in the world


each object in an Alice world has these, which are values that specify the object's characteristics


this is a set of programming statements that an object can execute


this is a description of a particular type of object; you can think of it as a blueprint that objects may be created from

instance of a class

in programming terminology, this is what objects are called

bounding box

this is a yellow box that appears around an object to indicate that it is selected

details panel

this is the part of the Alice environment where an object's properties are displayed


this is how many degrees of freedom objects in a 3D world have

center point

this is what an object turns around when you rotate it


when an object is selected you see three axes displayed in or near the object, which indicate the objects orientation. This is the direction in which the blue axis points.

primitive methods

this what all objects in an Alice world have

first- direction, second- distance/amount

the primitive move method requires two arguments. What are they?

calling the method

when programmers execute a method, which is what they commonly say they are doing..


this is a piece of information that a method requires in order for it to execute


this is a method that only objects of a specific class have

camel Case

this is the naming convention in which monkeySee is written

Pascal Case

this is the naming convention in which WhiteRabbit is written

camel Case

this is the naming convention in which object names and method names should be written

Pascal Case

this is the naming convention in which class names are written


this is a way of writing out the steps of an algorithm in English


this is a graphical diagram that depicts the steps in a diagram

logical error

this is a mistake that does not prevent the program from running, but causes it to produce incorrect results


this is a note of explanation that is inserted into a program

Do together

this is a structure that causes a group of instructions to be executed simultaneously

Do in order

this is a structure that causes a group of instructions to be executed in the order that they appear inside the structure

a method

This is what a local variable belongs to

the variables type is number

What is meant when the characters 123 appear on a variable tile?

set instruction

This type of instruction changes the contents of a variable

a variable assignment

This is what an instruction that set s a variable to a value is often called.

a function returns a value back to the instruction that called the function

This is the difference between a method and a function

ask user for a number

This world function allows the user to enter a number, and returns that number

distance to

This primitive function returns the distance from one object's center point to another object's center point.


This symbol is used as the multiplication operator in most programming languages

ask user for a string

This world function allows the user to enter a string, and returns that string.

string concatenation

This is what joining two strings is also known as

the a joined with b function

What world function do you use to join two strings?

the what as a string function

What world function do you use to convert a non-string object to a string?


a device that follows instructions for manipulating and storing data

speed slider control

how do you control the speed at which a world is played

world view window

what part of the Alice environment displays a view of the world, as seen through the camera?


graphical building blocks, into an editor fully functional programming statements that you can easily customize

color property and opacity

what is the name of the property that determines an objects color? what is the name of the property that determines whether you can see through an object?


a description of a particular type of object, written in programming statements


what is stored in the Alice galleries

scene editor mode

when you click the "add objects" button, what mode does Alice go into?

object, its lowercase

In an Alice world, would the word dog be the name of a class, or the name of an object? how can you tell?

detail panel

in what area of the alice environment do you select an objects properties

up and down button

which mouse mode button is not displayed when in quad view mode?

Pascal Case

what naming convention are class names written

camel Case

what naming convention should you use for object names? for method names?


a storage location that is represented by a name


a sequence of characters

local variable

belongs to a specific method. It can be used only by the method the variable belongs to. When a method stops executing, it cease to exist in memory.

Parameter variables

variable is used to hold an argument that is passed to a method when the method is called.

Class-level variables

like a property that belongs to a specific object

World-level variables

A world -level variable is like a property that belongs to the world.


must be unique within method, must be meaningful, must use camelCase convention

function returns a value back to the instruction that called it, and a method does not.

The difference between a function and a method

Ask User Functions

When asking the user for a value, you must use the World's


These functions return values indicating the object's proximity to other objects


return values pertaining to the size of the object

Spatial relation

return values indicating the object's position relative to other objects

dot notation

commonly used by object oriented programming languages to distinguish an object from its methods, properties, functions, etc.

move to

moves centerpoint of object to centerpoint of second object (this one is passed as an argument)

orient to

aligns axes of object so that all three point in the same directions as the axes of the second object (passed as an argument)

point at

object is tilted so that is forward axis is aiming at the second object's center point (passed as an argument)

set point of view to

makes location and orientation of object match the location and orientation of second object.

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