12 terms

Psychology/Brain 2

Which part of the neuron is responsible for maintaining the life of the cell?
The part of a neuron that contains the nucleus and keeps the entire cell alive and functioning is the___.
Which pan of a neuron is attached to the soma and carries messages out to other cells?
The function of the neuron's axon is to
carry messages to other cells
_______receive messages from other neurons and_______send messages to other neurons.
Dendrites receive messages, and axons send messages to other cells.
What is the function of myelin?
to speed up the neural impulse
One purpose of the______is to speed up the neural message traveling down the axon
A fatty substance that is wrapped around the shaft of axons in the nervous system and whose function is to insulate neurons and speed up the neural impulse is called a
myelin cell
A group of axons bundled together coated in myelin that travels together through the body is called___.
A nerve is a group of __bundled together
Juan's toe was severed and was quickly sewn back on by a surgeon. As a result, he regained some function and feeling in his toe. Which of the following are responsible for Juan's ability to regain function and feeling in his toe?
Neurilemma enable damaged neurons to repair themselves
What do we call the state of a neuron when it is not firing a neural impulse?
Resting potential