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How did the puritans finally win the english civil war

They found general Oliver Cromwell who's new model army beat the cavaliers in 1646. The puritans took the king prisoner

What was the thirty years war a conflict over

Religion, territory., and power among European ruling families

During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, which group suffered the greatest loss of power

The Boyars

What did Fredrick the Great believe a ruler should be

Like a father to his people

Why did Peter the Great build the city of St. Petesburg

He wanted a window to the west, and wanted a capital on a major trade route

What event led to the War of the Spanish Succession

Phillip raised taxes in the netherlands and moved to crush protesntism

Why did strong states form more slowly in Central Europe than in Western Europe

The economy of central europe developed differently from that of western Europe, and Central Europe held down surfs and blocked the development of strong kings

What political purpose did the splendid palace at versailles serve

It showed Louis wealth and power to everyone who came to the palace. the elaborate ceremonies impressed the kings and made other European monarchs jealous

What was one reason that Ivan was called Ivan the terrible

He turned against the Boyars and tried to have them all killed

How did the United Providences of the Netherlands differ from neighboring states

Religious toleration was practiced and the United Providences was not a kingdom, but a republic that had elected governors

What was the significance of the English Bill of Rights

To make clear the limits of English Royal power

What king became Frances most powerful ruler and boasted i am the state

Louis IV

Which war resulted in the beginning of the modern state system in Europe

The Thirty Years War

What problem helped weaken the Spanish Empire

Severe inflation due to heavy taxes

How did the economy of central Europe differ from that of Western Europe

Serfs in Western Europe gained freedom and joined the middle class people. In turn, Western European monarchs taxed the towns and were able to raise armies. Central Europe passed laws that restricted serfs from gaining freedom so they were not able to tax their citizens

What did the glorious revolution bring to England's throne

A constitutional monarchy, Bill of Rights, and Cabinet members to England's throne. As well as William and Mary

Who inherited the Austrian throne only after Charles had the european powers sign an agreement declaring they would recognize the hier

Maria Theresa

What did the restoration restore to power in England

The English Monarchy

Which war was sparked by religious conflict and resulted in the increased power of France, the weakening of Spain and Austria and the devastation of germany

The Thirty Years War

European monarchs became absolute rulers in response to...

The Peace of Westphalia

What concept was the belief in the divine right used to support

Absolute Monarchy

What was the Edict of Nantes issued in an effort to do

Declare religious tolerance, and bring an end to religious conflict in France

After the northern Dutch gained their freedom from Spain, what kind of government did they set up

An absolute monarch

What were some of Phillip's accomplishments as King of Spain

He was able to support a large army, defend catholicism, and give a lot to the arts

By the end of the 1600s what had England's system of government become

A Constitutional Monarchy

What is an absolute monarchy, how was absolutism encouraged by the belief in the divine rights of monarchs, and upheavals of time

An absolute monarchy is, a monarchy where all the power was in the King and Queen's hands. Absolutism was encouraged by the belief in the divine rights because they believed that god created the monarchy, and that only the monarchy should be allowed to rule as the representatives of God.

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