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PHILADELPHIAcity of brotherly loveNEW YORK CITYfirst capital of the United StatesST. AUGUSTINEfirst permanent European settlementJAMESTOWNestablished the House of BurgessesQUEBECFirst permanent French settlement in North America, founded by Samuel de ChamplainFEDERAL REPUBLICMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE The US was founded as a democracyJONATHAN EDWARDSMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE the famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" was given by George WhitefieldTRUEMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE Pennsylvania was founded as a haven for QuakersMIDDLEMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE The southern colonies were known as the "bread colonies"TRUEMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE The Crusades revived interest in trade with the EastCOTTON MATHERMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE William Billings helped introduce the smallpox vaccineTRUEMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists stood for a loose construction of the ConstitutionENGLANDMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE The Magna Carta prepared France for limited governmentFRENCH AND INDIANMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE English victory of Queen Anne's War established English tradition and liberty in North AmericaTRUEMODIFIED TRUE/FALSE The colonies' successful economy was mostly due to their agricultural systemNEW JERSEYNORTH CAROLINACONNECTICUTPENNSYLVANIAMARYLANDDELAWARELEXINGTONShot heard around the worldSARATOGATurning point of the warVALLEY FORGEPlace where Washington's army spent the winter of 1777-1778, a 4th of troops died here from disease and malnutriton, Steuben comes and trains troopsBUNKER HILLFirst major battleYORKTOWNpatriot victory which ended the warTRENTONcaptured Hessians on Christmas nightWILLIAM BRADFORDwrote of plymouth plantationMARQUIS DE LAFAYETTEFrench aside to George WashingtonJOHN CARVERfirst governor of Plymouth colonyVASCO DE BALBOAdiscovered the the pacific oceanBENJAMIN FRANKLINfonder of Philadelphia AcademyCOUNT VON ZINZENDORFfounded Bethlehem , PennsylvaniaALEXANDER HAMILTONfirst secretary of the treasuryHERNANDO DE SOTOdiscovered the Mississippi riverSTAMP ACTwhat act of parliament levied a tax on all legal documents in the coloniesBENEDICT ARNOLDWho was the American traitor that helped the British during the war for independenceBENJAMIN FRANKLINwho published poor Richards almanacCABINETwhat is the name of the Presidents advisersROYALwhat type of colonies was under direct authority of the king