10 terms

Unit 7 Vocabulary

Prep Amer Lit & Comp
curtail (kur TAIL)
(verb) shorten, reduce, lessen [SYN: cut, decrease, diminish (duh MIN ish)]
travesty (TRAV uh stee)
(noun) ridiculous imitation [SYN: mockery, joke, parody (PAR uh dee)]
scruple (SKROO pul)
(noun) doubt or uneasiness as to what is right or proper [SYN: conscience, principle, misgiving]
havoc (HAV uk)
(noun) great destruction or confusion [SYN: ruin, damage, devastation (dev uh STAY shun)]
mentor (MEN tur)
(noun) wise, trusted teacher or counselor [SYN: instructor, guide, guru]
haggard (HAG urd)
(adjective) looking worn and tired [SYN: weary, fatigued, gaunt (GAWNT)]
utopian (yoo TOH pee un)
(adjective) characteristic of an ideal society; visionary [SYN: idealistic, imaginary impractical]
mercurial (mur KYOOR ee ul)
(adjective) changeable; unpredictable; lively [SYN: unstable, impulsive, erratic (ih RAT ik)
diffident (DIF uh dent)
(adjective) lacking self-confidence; timid; unassertive [SYN: shy, insecure, coy]
hypocrisy (hih POK ruh see)
(noun) pretending to be what one is not, especially to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have [SYN: dishonesty, deceit, duplicity (doo PLIS uh tee)]

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