Spanish 1 ch. 6

la blusa
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los pantalones cortosthe shortslas pantimediasnylonsla ropathe clothingla ropa interiorthe underwearla sudaderathe sweatshirtel suéterthe sweaterlos tenisthe tennis shoesel vestidothe dresslos zapatosthe shoesCuánto cuestahow much does it costCuesta 1 dólareit costs one dollares baratoit is cheapes caroit is expensivees nuevoit is newes viejoit is oldes largoit is longes cortoit is shortel colorthe colorde qué color eswhat color is ites rojoit is redes anaranjadoit is orangees amarilloit is yellowes verdeit is greenes azulit is bluees moradoit is purplees blancoit is whiteel negroit is blackes grisit is grayes marrónit is brownotroanotherqué gangawhat a bargainpara mífor mepara tífor youperdónexcuse mela joventhe young personlos jóvenesthe young peoplequé desea ustedhow may i help youel almacénthe department storelos alacenesthe department storesla tienda de descuentosthe discount storela tienda de ropathe clothing storela zapateríathe shoe storerosadopinkorogoldplatasilvertrabajarto workrecibirto receiveestar de modato be in styleescogerto chooseencontrarto findquitarseto take offbuscarto search forcostarto costregalarto givepedirto ask forvenderto sellprobarseto try onponerseto put onllevarto wearcomprarto buypagarto payquedarseto fit