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what show is "doin what comes natur'lly, you can't get a man with a gun, there's no business like show business, anything you can do"

annie get your gun

What show was the music by goerges bizet with lyrics by oscar hammerstein II

carmen jones

what show is , "the heather on the hill, come to me, bend to me, waitin for my dearie, ill go home with bonnie jean, its almost like being in love, there, but for you go i"


Laurie's dream ballet


what show is "broadway melody" from

singin in the rain

what show is the song bewitched from

Pal Joey

what is Bali H'ai from

south pacific

New York, New York, come up to my place, lonely town are from what show

On the town

whatever Lola wants, heart are from what show

damn yankees

the ballad of mack the knife and pirate jenny is from what show

threepenny opera

Oh what a beautiful mornin, people will say we're in love, the surrey with the fringe on top, I cain't say no, kansas city, all er nuthin' are from what show


Where is teh life that late i led, I've come to wive it wealthily in padua, were thine that special face are from what show

kiss me, kate

I hate men, so in love, wunderbar, always true to you in my fashion are from what show

kiss me, kate

Im gonna wash that man right out of my hair, younger than springtime, wonderful guy, cockeyed optimist, this nearly was mine

south pacific

Laurie is from what show


Annie Oakley is from what show

Annie get your gun

nellie forbush and Emile de Becque are form what show

south pacific

Billy Bigelow is form what show


Bloody Mary is from what show

south pacific

"the Garden of Eden" Ballet sequence is form what show


who is the choreographer for oklahoma

agnes de mille

what was the first collaboration between richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein


pal joey introduced the ________ into the types of musical theatre characters


who was the choreographer for carousel

agnes de mille

which musical was based on william shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew

Kiss me, Kate

Which musical deals with racially mixed marriages against the backdrop of WWII

south pacific

which character sings "soliloquey" in carousel

billy bigelow

what character sings "wouldn't it be lovely" and "I could have danced all night" in My Fair Lady

Eliza Doolittle

who was the choreographer for Brigadoon

agnes de mille

the musical based on the lives of the Trapp Family Singers

the Sound of Music

who played Nellie forbush in the original south pacific

mary martin

who was the star actor in pal joey and singin in the rain

gene kelly

whow was the original emile de becque in South Pacific

enzio pinza

who is the author of Tales of the South Pacific a source material for South Pacific

james michener

who is the composer for wonderful town

leonard bernstein

who wrote the lyrics for west side story and gypsy

stephen sondheim

who wrote the lyrics and the book for On the Town

betty comden and adolph green

who wrote the book and lyrics for Carmen Jones

oscar hammerstein

who is the composer for on the town

leonard bernstein

who wrote the book, lyrics and music for the Music Man

meredith wilson

who is the daughter of a famous composer who wrote the music for Once Upon a Mattress

Mary Rodgers, daughter of Richard Rodgers

who are the producers for Annie get your gun

Richard Rodgers and OScar Hammerstein

T or F: Pal Joey was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein

F: by rodgers and hart

who is the composer/lyricist team for Carousel

richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein

although it was their 3rd show together which musical secured the fame of the musical-writing team of lerner and loewe


who is the composer/lyricist team for The King and I

richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein

who is the composer for Annie Get Your Gun

Irving Berlin

Who is the Composer/Lyricist team for Pal Joey

richard rodgers and lorenzhart

who is the composer/lyricist team for South Pacific

richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein

who is the composer/lyricist team for Brigadoon

Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner

compsoer and lyricist for Kiss me, Kate

cole porter

which musical deals with the oldest established permenant floating crap game in NY and hinges on a bet as whether Sky can get Sara to fall in love with him?

guys and dolls

which musical is set in Bangkok and is based on the diaries of Englishwoman Anna Leonowens

The king and I

what actress came up with the idea of adapting the diaries into the King and I

gertrude Lawrence

what actress/dancer got better reviews in Can-Can than it's French star LIlo?

gwen verdon

what is the narative dance sequence "little house of Uncle Thomas" form the King adn I based on

the book uncle toms cabin

the music of compsoer Alexander borodin was adapted into this musical


what was the setting for Kismet

ancient baghdad

what is the musical that was an all black version of Kismet and starred Eartha Kitt and Melba Moore


which musical is based onThe Beggars Opera and featured the music of Kurt Weill, as well as his wife, Lotte Lenya

The Threepenny opera

which musical was written by adler and ross and featured the numbers "Fernando's Hideaway" and "steam Heat"

the pajama game

which musical features the Devil and Lola making a deal with Joe Hardy,, turning him into a home-run-hitting hero

damn yankees

which musical is based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pigmalion

my fair lady

which Bernstein musical is an adaptation of Voltaire's classic satire of the same name


which musical is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and is also a collaboration between Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim

west side story

what was the original name of West Side Story

East Side Story

what is the "conditional love song" found early in Carousel that is sung by julie and billy bigelow

if i loved you

which musical by Meredith Wilson begins on the 4th of July 1912 in River City, Iowa

the music man

what musical is an adaption of the fairytale The Princess and The Pea

Once upon a mattress

which musical is the story of Mama Rose and her daughter, a famous burlesque stripper


who is the composer of Guys and Dolls

Frank Loesser

Who is the composer of the King and I

richard rodgers

Who is the composer for Gentleman Perfer Blondes and Gypsy

Jule Styne

Who is the composer for Wonderful Town

Leonard Bernstein

Who is the composer of Can-Can

Cole Porter

Who is The Threepenny Opera composer

Kurt Weill

Who is the composer of Candide

leonard bernstein

who is the composer of the music man

meredith wilson

who is the composer/lyricist team for The King and I

rodgers and hammerstein

Who is the composer/lyricist teams for Paint Your Wagon

Lerner and Loewe

Who is the composer/lyricist teams for Wonderful Town

music: Bernstein and Book and lyrics: Adolph Green

Who is the composer/lyricist teams for The Pajama Game

Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

Who is the composer/lyricist teams for Damn Yankees

Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

Who is the Composer/lyricist team for My Fair Lady

Lerner and Loewe

Who is the composer/lyricist team for West Side Story

Bernstein and Sondheim

Who is the composer for music man

meredith wilson

who wrote the music for once upon a mattress

mary rodgers

who wrote the music for Gypsy

Jule Styne

Who wrote the lyrics for Gypsy

Stephen Sondheim

What team wrote the Sound of music

rodgers and hammerstein

who is the star of sweet charity

gwen verdon

Yul Brener and Gertrude Lawrence star in what show

the king and i

Lilo and Gwen Verdon come from what show


Lotte Lenya is from what show

The Threepenny Opera

Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews are from what show

My Fair Lady

Carol Burnett as a princess? in what show

Once upon a mattress

Who played King Mongkut in the King and I

Yul Brenner

Who played Anna in the King and I (stage version)

Gertrude Lawrence

Ertha Kitta and Melba Morre in this Black variation of KIsmet


Ethel Merman as an overbearing stage mother in what show


What was the characters name in Gypsy that was an overbearing stage mom

Mama rose

Mary Martin played a novice at the Nonnberg Abbey in what show

The Sound of Music

Robert Preston as a conman in what show

the music man

Who was introduced in Gentlemen Perfer Blondes and would go on to star in Hello Dolly

Carol Channing

Who was the origninal Eliza Doolittle in My Fair lady

Julie Andrews

Who played the Original Professor Henry Higgins in MY Fair Lady

Rex Harrison

Maria in the stage version of The Sound of Music

Mary Martin

Maria in the Movie version of The SOund of Music

Julie Andrews

Sweet Charity's Director/choreographer

Bob Fosse

Choreographer of Guys and Dolls

Michael Kidd

Choreographer of the King and I and remembered his version of "The Small House of Uncle Thomas"

Jerome Robbins

Choreogrpher for Paint Your Wagon

Agnes de Mille

Choreogrphaer and director for West Side Story

jerome robbins

Nathan Detroit, Sky Masterson and Adelaide are from what show

Guys and Dolls

King Mongkut and Anna are from what show

the king and i

Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle are from what show

my fair lady

tony, maria, anita, bernardo are from what show

west side story

"Professor" Harold Hill and Marian the Librarian are from what show

music man

Mama rose is from what show


T or F: imported pieces frequently adapted the comedy for local taste by raising the level of the comedy

F it was frequently lowered

what piece produced in boston was written by two immigrants but is considered the first "american" piece to be produced?

the doctor of alcantara

in the 1860s successful shows in NYC had two elements common. what were they?

lavish scenery and scantily clad ladies

what production featured an actress in the role of Alan-a-Dale singing "oh, Promise me?"

robin hood

Alan-a-Dale is a ___________role because it features a woman dressed as a man

pants role or trousers role

what play featured henry dixey as "a pedestal dancer" and was about a statue come to life?


what comic duo used immigrant stereotypes for their comedy and were extremely "politically incorrect?"

harrigan and hart

what were harrigan and hart most famous for

mulligan guards routines

what production featured the hit songs "reuben, reuben" "the bowery" and "after the ball"?

a trip to chinatown

what was the first international american hit (1874)?


what was another international hit of the late 1890s

the belle of new york

what cellist for the metropolitan opera wrote Babes in Toyland, The Red Mill, and Naughty Marietta?

victor herbert

what author of Little Johnny Jone was the son of vaudevillian parents

george m. cohan

his material always had one characteristic throughout all his writing. everything was very _______.


what were George M. Cohans most popular songs

give my regards to broadway and the yankee doodle boy

who was the most successful composer of American comic opera (american opera-bouffe)?

victor herbert

what two pieces by victor herbert were not considered opera-bouffe?

the serenade and the fortune teller

what operetta written by Franz Lewhar was originally porduced in Vienna in 1905 but became a smash hit in both London and New York?

the merry widow

who made in dahomey unique

written mostly by black writers and songwriters for black actors and singers

what comic duo was the show centered around

bert williams and george walker

who wrote the script and lyrics for show boat?

oscar hammerstein II

who wrote the music for show boat

jerome kern

what did florence ziegfeld have to do with the original production

he was the producer

what is someone who helps load and unload ships called

a stevedore

show boat broke gorund in terms of its use in the choruses. what was unique about htem

the black chorus and white chorus had equal time on stage and they sang together

what was the name of the show boat in show boat

the cotton blossom

what musical written by jerome kern starred marilyn miller (of Ziegfeld follies fame)?


Rudolf Friml's Rose marie was successful because of its ___________ __________.

romantic music

what were the two main reasons that the american musicals of the 1920s became so popular

improved libretti and uniquely american music

what musical by harry tierney established the beginnings of "the cinderella era" in 1919


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