Review for test 1

Salivary Gland
Modes of Secretion: Merocrine
Mammary Gland
Modes of Secretion: Apocrine
Sebaceous Gland
Modes of Secretion: Holocrine
Is the collective term for the extracellular component of any connective tissue that is made up of the protein fibers and the ground substance
Collagen, Elastic, Reticular
Connective Tissue Proper: What 3 Fibers?
_ is the most common and strongest fiber.
Reticular fibers
_ are a single unit of collagen protein.
Elastic fibers contain the protein _
central canal
__ is located in the center of a bone cell
Mucous membranes
are wet membranes with a connection to the exterior.
Serous membranes
line the ventral body cavity.
cutaneous membrane
membrane is a thick, dry, water-resistant membrane.
Synovial membranes
areolar tissue with an incomplete layer of overlying epithelium (found in joints)
superficial fascia
fascia also known as subcutanous layer
subserous fascia
lines between serous membranes and deep fascia
are the supporting cells of the neural tissue
Papillary layer
is loose CT proper
Reticular layer
dense CT proper