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  1. seminal vesicle
  2. urethra
  3. epididymis
  4. prostaglandins for seminal vesicles
  5. hormone therapy
  1. a -drugs eliminate or block testosterone production by testes (chemical castration)
    -used when cancer has spread beyond the prostate thus making surgery difficult or impossible
  2. b chemical which are thought to help cause muscular contractions of the smooth muscle in the urethra which aids in ejaculation and to help cause muscular contraction in the female reproductive tract to aid in the movement of sperm cells through the uterus and oviduct
  3. c where the sperm mature and are stored. on top of each testes
  4. d nourishment for sperm. produces fructose and prostaglandins.
  5. e passes through the prostate gland

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  1. why does a vasectomy result in sterility
  2. where the sperm produces (in the scrotal sac in the testes)
  3. less recovery time needed
    less likely to impair sexual function
  4. tests for protein in blood that reflects changes in the prostate
  5. complete removal of prostate gland
    incision from naval to just above penis

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  1. nerve sparing prostatectomyremoval of portion of prostate


  2. testosterone is responsible foraccelerating cell growth in the body.
    eliminating testosterones production ban slow or stop tumor growth in the prostate


  3. side effects of surgeryincontinence and impotence


  4. testespasses through the prostate gland


  5. radiation side effectshigh doses of radiation are aimed at cancer to kill the cancerous tissue.