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  1. nutrients for seminal vesicles
  2. benefits of radiation
  3. radiation side effects
  4. prostatic urethra
  5. digital rectal exam
  1. a fructose. fructose is important to the semen because sperm cells will need to make large quantities of ATP for energy to help them swim
  2. b less recovery time needed
    less likely to impair sexual function
  3. c physician feels for marble sized tumor- can detect in stage B
  4. d small portion of the urethra that passes through the center of the prostate gland and empties into the penile urethra.
  5. e may not eliminate all tumor cells
    if fails, surgery is usually not possible
    --due to scarring of the tissues

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  1. why does a vasectomy result in sterility
  2. tests for protein in blood that reflects changes in the prostate
  3. most men eventually regain control of bladder function
  4. if the cells leave the prostate area and spread throughout the body- this is when it becomes deadly
  5. where the sperm produces (in the scrotal sac in the testes)

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  1. radical prostatectomycomplete removal of prostate gland
    incision from naval to just above penis


  2. epididymissite of gamete (sperm) formation and testosterone production. contains many coiled tubes (seminiferous tubules). located in the scrotum which suspends the testes outside the body cavity where they are kept cooler than normal body temperature (essential for proper sperm cell development)


  3. hormone therapya common passageway for the urinary and reproductive system


  4. impotencemost men never regain normal sexual function


  5. radiation seed implantshigh doses of radiation are aimed at cancer to kill the cancerous tissue.