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  1. testes
  2. prostatic urethra
  3. nerve sparing prostatectomy
  4. seminal vesicle
  5. digital rectal exam
  1. a physician feels for marble sized tumor- can detect in stage B
  2. b site of gamete (sperm) formation and testosterone production. contains many coiled tubes (seminiferous tubules). located in the scrotum which suspends the testes outside the body cavity where they are kept cooler than normal body temperature (essential for proper sperm cell development)
  3. c small portion of the urethra that passes through the center of the prostate gland and empties into the penile urethra.
  4. d nourishment for sperm. produces fructose and prostaglandins.
  5. e removal of portion of prostate

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  1. may not eliminate all tumor cells
    if fails, surgery is usually not possible
    --due to scarring of the tissues
  2. small tube that connects the vas deferens to the prostatic urethra
  3. passes through the prostate gland
  4. -drugs eliminate or block testosterone production by testes (chemical castration)
    -used when cancer has spread beyond the prostate thus making surgery difficult or impossible
  5. high doses of radiation are aimed at cancer to kill the cancerous tissue.

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  1. a vasectomy involves cutting pieces out of both vas deferens. it prevents movement of sperm through the vas deferens to the urethrawhy does a vasectomy result in sterility


  2. hormone therapy side effectsmay not eliminate all tumor cells
    if fails, surgery is usually not possible
    --due to scarring of the tissues


  3. side effects of surgeryincontinence and impotence


  4. prostate glandsecretes a slightly acid solution which stimulates ATP production in the sperm cells mitochondria. this is necessary to give the sperm cells the energy they need for swimming through the female reproductive tract.


  5. incontinencemost men never regain normal sexual function