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Fashion Exam 1: Review Questions:

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What group ultimately decides whether a style will be "fashionable" or not? Explain your answer.
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- First, the style is the characteristic or distinctive appearance of a garment- the combination of features that makes it different from other garments.

- Next, fashion is a style that is accepted and used by the majority of a group at any one time, no matter how small that group.

- Lastly, design is a particular or individual interpretation, version or treatment of style.

- A classic is a style or design that satisfies a basic need and remains in general fashion acceptance for an extended period of time.

- On the other hand, a fad is a fashion that suddenly sweeps into popularity, affects a limited part of the total population, and then quickly disappears.
The four major environmental factors affect fashion interest and demand:

1. Market segmentation by geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behavior

2. The degree of economic development and well-being of a country or society

3. The sociological characteristics of the class structure

4. The psychological attitudes of consumers