Social studies Colonies

Which colony was created because the King owed a debt to the founder's father?
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This colony was founded by Thomas Hooker, who left Massachusetts because of John Winthrop's strict ideals:ConnecticutWhich colony was a proprietary colony owned by Lord Baltimore and set up for Catholics:MarylandWhich colony was given a charter by King Charles II to his supporters and later split into North and South in 1691?North and South Carolina.How did New England make money?Ship building, SlavesHow did Middle Colonies make money?FarmingHow did Southern Colonies make money?Tobacco, slaves, cash crops, Deer skin.Define Proprietary Colony:Under the control of the person whose property the land was. Examples: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania.Define Royal Colony:Under control, via an appointed governor, of English royalty. EX: North Carolina South Carolina Georgia which started as proprietary colonies and later became royal colonies.Define Charter Colony:Under the control of a joint stock company with a charter. EX: Connecticut, Rhode Island