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The skin protects the body that keeps disease causing skin outside is called?

A barrier

What important substances does the skin keep inside?


What does your skin help your body contain?

A steady temperature

When you perspire your skin helps to....?

Eliminate wastes

What does perspire mean?

To sweat

The skin gathers information about the....?


What two main layers is the skin organized?

Epidermis and dermis

The nerves in the skin provide information about such things as...?

Pressure, pain, and temperature

What kind of vitamin does some of the skin cells produce?

Vitamin D

What is Vitamin D in the presence of?


Most of the protection provided by the skin is due to the layer of what? On the surface of the epidermis.

Dead cells

What is the inner layer of the skin?

The dermis

What does the dermis contain?

Nerves and blood vessels

What structures does hair grow?

Hair follicles

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