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name the bones that make up the roof of the mouthpalatine , maxillathe _______ are the parts of the upper and lower jaws that contain the teeth socketsalveolar processfrontal sinus is locatedin the center of the forehead above the eyesmaxilla sinusaround nose, above teethsphenoid sinusunder sell turcicaethmoid sinusnext to the middle & inferior nasal conchaewhat is the anatomical name for the soft spots on the baby's skullfontanelshow can you distinguish cervical vertebrae from the other typesit's the smallest, has transverse foremanhow can you distinguish thoracic vertebrae from the othershas facets, middle sized and looks like a giraffehow can u distinguish lumbar vertebrae from the otherslargest and no transverse foramen or facetsname the hole in each vertebrae through which the spinal cord passesvertebrae foramenname the hole between the vertebrae through which the spinal nerves pass as they leave the spinal cordintervertebral foramenof the three portions of the sternum which is most superior? most inferior?manubrium, xiphoid processwhat distinguishes the true ribs from false ribscostal cartilage is attached directly to sternum for true ribs and false ribs costal cartilage attaches to other costal cartilage before reaching the sternumwhat is distinctive about the last two pairs of false ribsno costal cartilage, and not attached to the sternumname the bones that make up the pectoral girdleclavicle and scapulaname the bones that make up the pelvic girdleCoxal bone, sacrum and coccyxname the large hole located within the ischium and pubis of coxal boneobturator foramenname the bony projection that forms the elbowolecranon processin anatomical position which of the two forearm bones is medial? lateral?medial-ulna lateral-radiuswhich of the two leg bones is medial? lateral?medial-tibia lateral-fibulaname the anatomical name of cheekbonezygomaticbone making up foreheadfrontalupper jawmaxillalower jawmandiblekneecappatellacollarboneclavicleshoulder bladescapulashinbonetibiawrist bones in generalcarpalsankle bones in generaltarsalsbones in fingers and toesphalangesbone that articulated with zygomatic processzygomatic bonebone that articulates with mandibular condyletemporalbone that articulated with occipital condylesatlas or c1 vertebraebone that articulated with densatlas or C1 vertebraebone that articulated with manubriumclavicle or 1st rib of body in the sternumbone that articulated with glenoid cavityhumerusbone that articulated with acromionclaviclebone that articulates with capitulumradiusbone that articulates with trochleaulnabone that articulates with auricular surface of iliumsacrumbone that articulates with talustibia, calcaneus, fibulabone that articulates with acetabulumfemurthoracic vertebrae facets articulate with whatribsvertebrosternal ribstrue ribs 1-7 connected to costal cartilage connects to sternumvertebrae chondral ribsfalse ribs connected to costal cartilage but not directly to sternum