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  1. Expanded empire set up good government. made army strong
    built roads/schools/taxes/farmers/ "the uniter"
  2. a muslim ruler
  3. For Shah Jahan's Wife's Tomb
  4. rebirth of the soul
  5. "founder" prince from Kabul. Fierce warrior. had bows and cannons for war.

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  1. Shah JahanBuilt Taj Mahal. made billion dollar buildings. obsessed in building. He is a builder but also the spender.


  2. Describe on interesting detail you recall about the relationship of shah jahan and mumtaz mahalBritish took over, Aurangzeb destroyed population, He made poeple bankrupt.


  3. Brahmanthe creator- created Earth and everything on it


  4. Brahmathe creator- created Earth and everything on it


  5. Vishnuthe destroyer