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  1. Built Taj Mahal. made billion dollar buildings. obsessed in building. He is a builder but also the spender.
  2. rebirth of the soul
  3. love at first sight. met at the bazzare, married 5 years after he met her.
  4. The last of the Mugal Emporers. 1658-1707. Imprisons father and takes power. Imposed Islam . Destroyed and murdered leaders and temples, Taxed heavily. REVOLT!! Then british take over
  5. In Hindu belief, all the actions that affect a person's fate in the next life

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  1. BrahmanOne single spiritual power in everything


  2. AkbarExpanded empire set up good government. made army strong
    built roads/schools/taxes/farmers/ "the uniter"


  3. Dharmathe religious and moral duties of each person


  4. Why did the Mughal empire come to an end?British took over, Aurangzeb destroyed population, He made poeple bankrupt.


  5. BrahmaOne single spiritual power in everything