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  1. simple rhythmic character
  2. tempo
  3. time signature
  4. triple meter
  5. sensual
  1. a patterns consist of only a few note values
  2. b physical
  3. c The speed at which musical pulses move.
  4. d measures that begin with an accented downbeat followed by 2 unaccented beats (lilting dance like feel - waltz)
  5. e indicates number of beats in each measure

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  1. Difficult to hear meter. It has a weak pulse.
  2. meters change fairly rapidly
  3. gradually get faster
  4. accent and duration are highly diverse or several patterns exist simultaneously
  5. 4 beats

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  1. perceptiveobservant


  2. rhythmThe grouping of pulses into twos, threes, fours, etc


  3. passiveinactive


  4. irregular rhythmic characteraccents and/or duration are constantly changing


  5. durationlength a sound is sustained; basis for beat and rhythm