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  1. simple rhythmic character
  2. regular rhythmic character
  3. dynamics
  4. pitch
  5. perceptive
  1. a observant
  2. b loudness, volume, dynamic(power) of sound
  3. c patterns consist of only a few note values
  4. d highness or lowness of sound; frequency of vibration
  5. e patterns of accent and duration are repeated

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  1. Duple, triple or quadruple meter indicated by number 2,3 or 4
  2. inactive
  3. The time element produced by accent and duration.
  4. Rhythms which are at odds with the prevailing beat.
  5. physical

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  1. weak metermeters change fairly rapidly


  2. timbredistinct tone quality of sound


  3. meter of a waltz3 beats


  4. time signatureindicates number of beats in each measure


  5. meter of a march4 beats