13 terms

Science 2-7-11

The Earth has day and night because
the earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours.
Helped ancient people tell time
Is when the sun releases a burst of energy frombuilt up hydrogen gases
Solar flare
The early scientist Nicolaus Copernicus studied this, which also led to important discoveries about the solar system
the planets and the sun
this always has the same side facing the earth
the moon
During this the moon gets between the Earth and the sun
Solar Eclipse
This planet moves around the sun the most slowly
This orbits the sun and is made of chunks of ice
A comet
This keeps the planets in orbit around the sun
This planet looks greenish-blue and spins on its side
This was named Cassini and as launched by NASA; reached Saturn inJuly 2004
Space Probe
This is a group of stars that form patterns
Space probe
This planet in th has a rock core and a stormy surface and is the largest planet in the solar system