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Branch of theology which deals with the defense of doctrine and the Christian faith

Carrie Buck

Forced to be sterilized because of inadequate offspring in 1927


Forced Sterilization


Eugenics is now carried out by ...

Ota Benga

African Pygmy on display in the Bronx Zoo. Put with the Orangutan to the "missing link"

Human Race

In Scripture there is only one race....


Both the evolution and creation views depend on...

Empirical Sciences

(Testable) Experimental studies, Hypothesis confirmed or rejected, Repeatability. Observation, Experimentation


A good hypothesis is...

Eyewitness Testimony

Historical events are "proven" by....

Historical Sciences

Build models and or develop hypotheses, Collect data


Complex system used to define, describe, and interpret data


Evolution is built on naturalistic...

Day 1

Heavens and earth, Light and Dark

Day 2

Firmament, Separated waters above and below

Day 3

land and Plants

Day 4

Celestial bodies, son, moon and stars

Day 5

Sea Creatures and birds

Day 6

Land animals, man and woman

Day 7

God rested and blessed creation

Evidence of Flood

Fossil, graveyards, sedimentary rock, fossil fish in mountains


New Testament passages link Noah's flood to both judgment and ...

Historical Account

Genesis 1-11 represent and accurate...

Theistic Evolution

creation by continuous evolutionary process initiated by God: "God used evolution to create"

Framework Hypothesis

Rejection of Genesis 1-11 as true history; it is allegorical poetic

Progressive Creation

Creation by dis-continuous evolutionary process by God: God intervenes only at certain points to "help" evolution along

Gap Theory

Also called ruin-reconstruction theory

Gap theory

Primeval creation existing for billions of years but was laid waste in a pre- adamic cataclysm

Day- Age Theory

Each day on Creation corresponds to the geologic age, "A day is as a thousand years..."

Old Earth Creation

Non- Biblical reasons only for old age

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